Instagram wants to scroll stories in vertical mode à la TikTok!

The Instagram app is testing a new way of broadcasting Stories, like on TikTok! We give you more details.

New on Instagram! The app now wants to do scroll stories vertically, like on TikTok. MCE TV tells you more.

Instagram is inspired by TikTok

The success of TikTok is so important that some social networks decide to copy its codes. This is the case of Instagram. And his new test which concerns, this time, the Stories.

As Instagram Stories scroll horizontally, that may well change! Eh yes. Indeed, the social network is testing a vertical scrolling design. Who we very reminiscent of TikTok.

Around the world, some subscribers of the app have therefore been entitled to this novelty. According to The Independent’s report, Instagram allegedly began testing in February 2021.

It is a developer who responds to the name of Alessandro Paluzzi who announced the arrival of this new feature in a Twitter post. The latter would indeed have noticed the presence of a new window which explains that Stories scroll mode has changed.

“You can now move up and down to browse Stories. » he explains. Alessandro Paluzzi adds that he found the prototype of Stories under the code of the American giant. Incidentally Instagram ended up confirming it. Eh yes.

The spokesperson for the social network has also given more details on this subject. He also clarified that what the developer had seen was only an early prototype. Besides, that’s not what is currently being tested on the app.

On the subscriber side, some have or see it with new updates. We tell you more.

Instagram wants to scroll stories in vertical mode à la TikTok!

The future will be on video

Some people would therefore have been entitled to this novelty of Instagram thanks to the latest updates. According to 9to5Mac magazine, the app is therefore testing its new format worldwide. Eh yes.

Matt Navarra is a social media analyst. And very active on Twitter. The young man also said that some Instagram subscribers in Turkey would have had access to this novelty of Stories.

Instagram would therefore be changing. As a reminder, the current scrolling of Instagram Stories is done horizontally. Followers must click left or right to see other Stories. They can also swipe back and forth.

This format is also the same on Snapchat. If Instagram adds vertical scrolling, then followers will have a mix of what is done on Snapchat and on TikTok.

Finally, be aware that the social network is making more and more efforts to make video the center of its interests. Last December, Instagram was testing extending the duration of Stories.

For the moment, these have a maximum duration of 15 seconds. That could change to 60 seconds! Just that.

After dropping its IGTV format and boosts his Reels, Instagram has therefore not finished developing its video format. Stay tuned, up close.


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