Instagram: this contest to win a free meal does not pass!

A competition set up by the CROUS of Starsbourg offered young people the chance to win free meals in exchange for an Instagram subscription.

Huge bad buzz for the Strasbourg CROUS. A contest offering to win a month of free meals in exchange for an Instagram subscription caused a real outcry… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Instagram a popular social network

It’s no longer a secret! Since its launch, Instagram has managed to establish itself in the field of social networks. Today, the platform is a user favorite.

And this, thanks to its diverse and varied content. But while the competitor of TikTok seems to make many Internet users happy, others, on the contrary, are disappointed.

The reason ? The new algorithm seems to lose visibility. As a result, subscriptions are plummeting. Kylie Jenner and many stars then rebelled against the application which they also accuse of copying the creation of ByteDance.

A few months ago, Kris Jenner’s daughter launched a well-felt tackle on the Meta group app. Stormi’s mom asked, in fact, that Instagram become Instagram again.

If you also encounter problems on the social network, be aware that there are several solutions to make your account attractive.

As a business, it is advisable to go through influencers or bloggers who will be able to promote your profile.

This is a very good way to make people talk about you and to make yourself known. And that’s not all ! You can also buy followers at a low price. But that’s not really good advice if your wish is to build a strong community.

In fact, Instagram offers you to define your target. You should thus appear on the profiles of people who have the same interests as you. MCE TV tells you more about the app.

The contest too many

So you will understand, Instagram is the delight of many Internet users. But while the Meta group’s app is very popular, some content is not unanimous.

This is also the case of the CROUS in Strasbourg, which recently tried to win one to two months of free meals for students.

All they had to do was follow the establishment’s Instagram page. A competition that quickly faced a real outcry.

According to the latest information put online by RTL, “the alternative student Strasbourg (AES) thus condemned the ‘indecency’ of such a contest ‘when we know that 65% of students regularly skip a meal for lack of means’”.

For his part, Jules Gori, local referent of Unef also condemned this game. In an interview with L’Actu, the latter explained that he had “found it scandalous and indecent that the Crous uses precariousness as a marketing tool« .

One thing is certain, it is that this contest does not pass. Neither one nor two, so this one has disappeared from Instagram. The CROUS, meanwhile, apologized on Twitter.

“In no way did the Crous de Strasbourg wish to exploit the student precariousness against which our teams are fully mobilized every day. If this contest has led you to believe otherwise, We apologize« , could we read. A bad buzz


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