Instagram: Suggested posts will be placed before your friends’ posts

Instagram wants to perpetuate its new suggested posts feature. The feedback has been “so positive” that the social network wants to carry out a new trial. This time around, suggested posts will be mixed throughout your main feed, sometimes before photos and videos of the people you follow.

Instagram suggested posts
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Instagram “Improves” and conducts new tests on its mobile application. In August 2020, the social network had rolled out a new feature that appeared at the end of the stream. In this case, it was suggestions de posts corresponding to user interests: suggested publications. Before long, these will be mixed up throughout your main feed, that is, before the photos and videos of the people you follow.

Instagram wants to highlight suggested posts

When the flow of all new content from accounts that Instagram users are subscribed to is finished, the app notifies them with a ” You are up to date “. On the other hand, since last summer and just below this mention appear suggested publications.

The latter offer endless content for users of the social network, with publications automatically offered according to their tastes. A feature sometimes criticized, because judged too time consuming and too bad in terms of screen time.

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Today, Instagram wants to spend the second and make sure that suggested posts get shuffled throughout the main stream, sometimes even before the photos and videos of the people you follow. Instagram, of course, has every interest in bringing up suggested content in order to keep people on their app for as long as possible.

The company is also testing new controls which will allow users add specific topics as interest in their suggested posts, as well as the ability to repeat those recommendations for 30 days before completely hiding them from the feed. This new test will be offered to a ” small number »Users, then, if it is convincing, to all users of the social network.



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