Instagram ready to offer up to $ 35,000 to compete with TikTok!

Competition is fierce in the world of social networks. TikTok takes up so much space that it overshadows other social platforms. To compensate for this problem, Instagram therefore decided to offer up to $ 35,000 to compete with TikTok ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Strategies to shade TikTok

Since the health crisis, TikTok is in top trend. The platform has grown so much in a few months that it has become the most used by young people.

So much so that to date, TikTok overshadows all the other platforms which have therefore had to adapt to the competition. Take the example of YouTube, whichi got into the making of YouTube Shorts.

The goal being to create short videos, like TikTok. And to spread the trend, YouTube decided to pay people who post popular videos on Youtube Shorts up to $ 10,000 per month.

Same thing for Snapchat which now offers $ 1,000 to $ 25,000 to creators who publish on “Spotlight. “

As you may have noticed, Instagram also mimics the favorite app young people with the launch of its “Reels”. These are then 15-second videos that can be dressed with sounds and effects of all kinds.

Instagram also decided to rewardr creators, like Youtube and Snapchat. MCE TV tells you all below!

It’s hard to stand out from TikTok. Instagram therefore decided to employ the financial strategy to invite creators to produce on the platform.

Instagram: the right solution to compete with TikTok?

This is what was announced last July in the articles of TechCrunch and Business Insiders. Corn so what are the amounts that can reach content creators on Instagram?

They are not the same for everyone. In reality, they vary! But the calculations do not are unclear at the moment.

Some people whose Reels hit 58 million views in one month have thus obtained 35,000 dollars. A designer who has 52,000 Instagram followers claims to have collected $ 1,000.

Another creator with 24,000 subscribers also admits to having earned $ 8,500 for 9.28 million views. It is therefore a system of reward that motivates young people to register.

Instagram therefore said: “ We continue to test payments as we deploy them with a greater number of creators. “

“And we expect them to fluctuate as we continue to expand them. “ And that’s not all ! The platform with the pink logo and violet also spoke about the Reels Surprise program.

With the key, up to 10,000 dollars for 150 creators who share funny and interesting content. So that’s what could compete with TikTok!

As a reminder, the favorite app of young people has been at the heart of criticism since the implementation of its algorithm that disrupts everyone’s freedom. In addition, there are also the stricter rules for young subscribers.


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