Instagram: how to edit or delete the location on a photo

Instagram, like other social networks, allows you to add a location to your photos and videos. After publication, it is still possible to modify it, or even delete it for the sake of confidentiality. We explain how to do this in this article.

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On Instagram, you can add a location to each of your photos, and this localization can be very precise. For your safety, it is sometimes better not to enter the exact address of your location. As a precaution, choosing a less precise location instead (or no location at all) is recommended. This is important to ensure, especially if you are posting photos from your home.

The application also allows you to add any location when you upload a new photo. You are therefore not required to display the exact location where you are. While rummaging through your old publications, you may notice the presence of photos with your exact address. And for good reason, Instagram has not always been transparent on this aspect and some pictures may have been published without your knowledge with your location. Fortunately, it is quite possible to change the location after the fact. This is precisely the subject of this tutorial.

Instagram: how to change or remove location on a photo

For older photos posted with a location, you can either edit or remove the location by following the steps below:

  • Go to the targeted publication then press the three small vertical dots.
  • Then click on Modifier.

Instagram: edit location

  • Then click on the name of the place and select a new one.

Instagram: change location

  • You have the option of entering another location or leaving the field blank to delete any location.
  • Then press the car located at the top right to confirm the validation of your place.

Change location on Instagram

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