Instagram and Facebook: a new bug still crashes everything?

Instagram, Facebook and Messenger suffered a new bug, just four days after the massive outage that lasted more than six hours …

Just four days later a general breakdown, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger suffered a new bug. What annoy some. MCE TV shows you everything!

A huge blackout for Instagram and Facebook

Monday, October 4, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram had not worked since the afternoon. An outage that lasted more than six hours.

Internet users then turned to Twitter to comment on the huge outage with the hashtag #facebookdown et #instagramdown.

The situation worsened when the New York Times reported thatnone of the employees could access their offices. The reason ? Their badges were not working.

In a statement, Facebook then reassured that the failure was not the result of a massive hack, but at « faulty configuration change At the network level.

If the Facebook group struggled to recover, this failure had a beneficial effect for other services. MCE TV tells you more.

Telegram thus moved from 56th to 5th place in Most downloaded free apps in the USA. A record!

Most this failure did not spare the influencers as affirmed Business Insider. If they make money from their Instagram posts, then they didn’t have the choice to experience this bug like everyone else.

So blogger Brittany DiCapua said she was scared. « Some of us joked that it was a day off for us ».

But, in reality, she was not that serene. « For a minute I thought, ‘What if these platforms don’t come back?’ It reminded me that networks can disappear in a day. Ne are so many to make our livelihood ».

A new bug?

In less than a week, Facebook and Instagram suffered two bugs. Even if the second was less massive than the first. MCE TV tells you more!

This Friday, October 8, the services of Instagram, Facebook and Messenger once again experienced difficulties. A new bug, four days after the huge blackout.

« We are aware that some people and businesses have difficulty accessing Facebook products. We are working to get things back to normal ».

But, this time, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg fixed the situation in less than two hours. She even confirmed that it was simply a problem of « configuration “. The incident was, however, unrelated to the blackout that occurred on Monday.

These massive failures then occur after the revelations of a former Facebook employee. MCE TV shows you everything.

In an interview with CBS, the whistleblower then claimed that the group prefers to choose « profit to safety » of their users. Just that !

After leaving the company, Frances Haugen then shared documents showing that Facebook and Instagram are damaging the image of young girls.