Instagram: actress Fabienne Carat unveils her beautiful baby bump!

On her Instagram account, Fabienne Carat shared a photo where she unveiled her beautiful baby bump. She melted her fans!

A few months ago, many rumors affirmed that Fabienne Carat was expecting her first child. After a little waiting, she finally affirmed these statements. At the start of the week, she also highlighted her baby bump on Instagram.

Fabienne Carat happy to have a baby

Before announcing her pregnancy on Instagram, it was in an interview with Femme Actuelle that Fabienne Carat confided that she was pregnant. “It happened so suddenly, I was not excpecting that at all« .

The one who is very active on Instagram also confessed: “I told myself that becoming a mother wouldn’t be for that life. I always felt like I was younger than i was« .

Fabienne Carat continued: “Time went by much faster than the things in my head. And then I was 40, there was confinement … I told myself that I missed the boat« .

The young woman also told Femme Actuelle: “I was also told that it was going to be very difficult for me to have a child, if not impossible. This pregnancy is natural and miraculous. It’s almost a gift from heaven ”.

She also explained the reasons why she did not formalize her pregnancy directly on Instagram. “It is certainly by modesty that I did not expose myself« .

Before adding: “I was afraid of not being ready, of not being up to the task”. On the social network, she also explained that she preferred not to speak only of “smiles” to his fans. And to be ultra positive.

A sublime photo against breast cancer on Instagram

At the start of the week, Fabienne Carat unveiled her baby bump. Indeed, this Monday, October 11, she shared a new black and white photo on her Instagram account which did not fail to melt his fans.

But it is for a good reason. Fabienne Carat posed topless on Instagram. She unveiled herself in the midst of flowers with her most beautiful smile. It is for good reason that she displayed herself topless.

Indeed, the young woman made women aware of breast cancer. She warned about this cancer which can affect all women, at any age. With her photo she has urged his fans to get tested.

With her Instagram snapshot, Fabienne Carat has also collected more than 7,800 “likes” in just a few hours from her fans. In the comments, the latter have not hesitated to compliment her.

They confided: “Your Fabienne photo is beautiful. “,” Nice photo and nice cause. And of course, wonderful charming adorable Fabienne. “,” Too beautiful my Fabienne. “, ” Beautiful picture. “But also” Sublime this photo “.

Other Instagram followers also added: “Very beautiful mother-to-be. “,” Pregnancy makes you radiant. “,” How beautiful and beautiful initiative you are. “, ” Gorgeous photo for this great cause. “But also” Very nice photo “.

Many adorable and benevolent messages that are sure to please the actress of Plus belle la vie. One thing is for sure, her fans have praised her breast cancer initiative !


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