Inspired by Dragon’s Dogma, Arise of Awakener is set for 2023

Swords, fireballs … and flying boats

When Peter Pan and Dark Souls meet, it gives Arise of Awakener, a hack ‘n’ slash in which it is possible to beat up a whole bunch of creatures and embark on a boat that cuts through the air instead of the seas.

The developers of Gamera Game took advantage of the Tokyo Games Show 2021 to announce their title inspired by Dragon’s Dogma, which will immerse you in a open world tinged with fantasy and inspired by medieval Europe. You can choose from 3 heroes: warrior, archer and mage to go and burst from the enemy.

Gamera Game presented a gameplay video which represents the game to one early stage of development and is therefore not faithful to the final rendering, which will be presented in 2023 on PC, PS4 and PS5.

Arise of Awakener is an open-world, single-player action RPG set in a fantasy world based on medieval Europe. In this universe, players will ride dragons, command flying ships and take part in gripping battles against a host of fantastic creatures as an adventurer embarks on the path of vengeance and redemption.

Your main objective will be to become the “Awakened One”, in other words ” The day before “. Why ? You will have to be a little patient to learn it, the developers have not revealed more about the storyline of the title for the moment.


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