Innovative Thinking, Oversetting (Disputing) Outdoor Advertising— An Exclusive Interview with Founder and CEO of Shanghai Mocheng Advertising Co. Ltd. Ms. Yijin Zhang

(Reuters) On June 6th-8th, 2018, the 59th FEPE International Congress was held in Sorrento, Italy, attracting 300 delegates from over 45 countries. 

China presented its industrial success over the past decade for the first time at the congress. With its highly digital approach, a considerable market size and constant equipment improvement, China has undoubtedly established itself as a leading figure in the outdoor advertising market. 

Founder and CEO of Shanghai Mocheng Advertising Co. Ltd., Ms. Yijun Zhang is among the Chinese delegation. Mocheng Co. Ltd. Is . Its clientele includes many of the global brands such as Citibank, Nikon, Sharp, Panasonic, Chevrolet, Buick, Standard Charter, Fubon Bank, MUJI, Castrol, Martell, MAXMARA, VOGUE, TOTO, SISLEY, BALLY, Japan National Tourism Organization, Tourism Australia, Covestro, Petronas, Varta, KFC, Pizza Hut and Ping An Bank.

“Client is everything”
Yijin distinctly remembers every one of her clients, as she deems them the most crucial part of her job. Clients’ satisfaction with her service is what makes her business meaningful. She smiles as she reflects upon the past and says, “In fact, I even recall the miniature from my encounter with most of my clients. Through the process of providing professional, we were also able to become close friends afterwards.”

She shared with passion and excitement two cases that established her remarkably unorthodox approach to advertising: the 2006 FIFA promotion for Adidas in downtown Shanghai and the 2011 campaign of Citibank in Guangzhou, China. The first case was an outdoor design centered around the spirit of World Cup. Displayed on the exterior of the shopping plaza, MetroCity, in Shanghai, it was such an eye-catching and innovative art piece in the shape of a gigantic soccer ball. The other was the full exterior covering of a high-rise building for Citibank in Guangzhou. It was an unprecedented approach which used the company’s establishment itself as a promoting medium that sparkly contrasted with the neighboring buildings and appealed to the market. 

“An Innovator in Life”
Every industry is driven forward by innovative ideas, and so is outdoor advertising. She talks about her creative process that “whenever I come across an object or a medium for marketing, I am easily entranced by how the medium functions to deliver the designer’s message. Once I figure out its work mechanism, I start to nitpick any aspects that could be improved.” In this way, she is exposed to a world of opportunities and earned her “the innovator of advertising”. 

One of her patents, the LED multipurpose advertising screen on the back of the passenger seat, was an idea she came up with when taking a taxi one day. She noticed the constant blackout of the screen when the taxi was at stop and the inability to explore an advertised product. It lead her to think what if a smoother experience with the screen could be provided and passengers could purchase any appealing products right away. That was how she innovated the multipurpose advertising screen, for which she later received a patent in 2018. The other innovation that earned her a patent was the digital security code on lockers which increases the security level of packages. 

“These might seem random ideas, like to develop a patent after riding a taxi or after picking up a package, but they are actually products of years of observation”, She says, “and a flash of inspiration does not come often. Most of the innovations require repeated experiments and practice that slowly, but eventually, lead to improvement. My innovations are not the most science heavy or revolutionary, but they are able to solve practical problems in their respective industries. The purpose of innovation is to improve practicality”.

“Personal Achievement and Her Era”
Yijin has a very tight daily schedule. Aside from managing her own company which requires frequent domestic and international travels, she is also a mother of two. “Being 100% dedicated to work, 100% dedicated to kids, and 100% to learning. I am playing one role only at a time, to my best effort”, says Yijin, as a piece of advice for working mothers.

Growing up under the influence of China’s Opening-up Policy in the 1970s, Yijin, along with her generation, was presented with a tremendous number of opportunities and possibilities. The rapid development of the Chinese advertising market over the past 30 years is indicative of China’s globalization. Nevertheless, despite all the achievements so far, the future is still unknown; therefore, Yijin would consciously remind herself “keep striving to enlighten this era”. 

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