InFamous return could be announced at PlayStation event this week

Before medieval Japan, superpowers

Sucker Punch saw its popularity increase tenfold thanks to Ghost of Tsushima, but the studio was already known before especially with the saga InFamous, which placed you in the shoes of characters endowed with Super powers. According to a reputable informant, this week’s PlayStation event could potentially be the occasion to announce a license return.

Nick Baker, Xbox Era Co-Founder, already has a number of revelations to his credit, but he remains cautious about it anyway.

Ok. Take this with a grain of salt, because it’s one of those pieces of information that I couldn’t confirm. But because I love the license, I hope it is true. There is a chance that we will see the return of Infamous during the Sony presentation. We cross fingers.

the first InFamous game was released in 2009 and had 2 suites, InFamous 2 and InFamous: Second Son in 2011 and 2014. Considering the pretty huge success of Ghost of Tsushima, if the license does come back to the fore, there is a chance that it will be entrusted to another studio to let Sucker Punch take care of the Ghost of Tsushima sequel.

See you at the Sony event dedicated to the future of the PS5 this Thursday, September 9.


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