In Tears Of The Kingdom, Where The Travel Medallion Is And What The Quest Is Are

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Where The Travel Medallion Is And What The Quest Is Are:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Travel Medallion is back, but it’s not locked behind DLC this time. You can get this key item by doing a series of quests with Robbie. This lets you set up your own quick getaway spots.

After you finish Robbie’s first quest and turn on the Photo Mode upon your Purah Pad, you can get the Travel Medallion from him. When you first get the journey Medallion, it can make one fast journey point.

This can be improved twice more by Robbie, providing you an overall of three fast-travel points that you can put wherever you want.

When investigating The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have a lot of ground to cover, so tools like the Travel Medallion are very important.

This useful item fixes a big problem from the last game. It makes it much less stressful to jump from dangerous cliffs or precisely time your way up steep mountain sides.

This guide tells you where to get the Travel Medallion and how to use it throughout The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The trip coins are no longer locked behind a shrine, which is another good change from BoTW. But Tears of the Kingdom fails to inform you how to obtain them for your Purah Pad until you’re doing a certain questline.

Travel Medallion Location:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, players must embark on a side quest in order to find the Travel Medallion.

This side game is known as Hateno Village Research Lab. It has nothing to do with the main story, so you can do it whenever you want as long as you’ve finished the training. There, you can talk to Robbie and instruct them to create the trip plaque for you.

You’ll get a quest called “Presenting: The Travel Medallion.” This will lead you to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, where you’ll need to find the Travel Medallion prototype and give it to Robbie.

The Ancient Tech Lab should have a box with it in it. You can’t get into the lab until you beat the Yiga Clan guards who were waiting at the door to attack you.

How To Begin The Travel Medallion Mission Line:

When you first arrive at Lookout Landing, you should keep going on the main objective until you can start the Regional Phenomena quest.

You should be ready speak to Robbie as well as Josha once you do this. You should start a quest named Camera Work within the Depths when you talk to them.

For this quest, you have to dive into a chasm to discover its depths. By doing this, you can use the Purah Pad’s photo mode for the first time. Josha and Robbie want you to take pictures of statues in the deep and bring the pictures back to them.

After that, you must finish the next quest, “A Mystery in the Depths,” which lets you use the auto-build feature. Return to Lookout Landing as well as fix the homemade balloon carrier now that Auto-build is open.

Robbie will tell you that he is going back to Hateno Village and will be living within the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. He will also tell you where to look for him.

The Travel Medallion’s Function:

You can use the Travel Medallion after you finish the quest Presenting: The Travelling Medallion and give Robbie the sample. The Travel Medallion marks your present position within the Travel Gate every time you use it.

When your location becomes a trip gate, your present position becomes a place where you can quickly move to.

For example, if you want to go to a different part of the map, you may mark your current position with a travel gate, go somewhere else, then use quickly return back to where you utilized the travel emblem.

It’s much faster and easier to move around the map, and you can see much more of Hyrule.

Robbie does have additional boosts for your Travel Medallion, yet you can’t get them until you’ve entered 10 and 15 areas. You’ll have to keep looking around the map if you want your Travel Medallion to get stronger.

How To Make The Travel Medallion Better:

You can now utilize the Travel Medallion to set up fast-travel spots that are unique to you. To do this, choose it among your key things and apply it wherever you desire. This will make an entrance that you are able to return back to or change whenever you want.

The Travel Medallion can be upgraded twice more, giving you an overall of three custom fast-travel spots. You can put these quick-travel points anywhere within the overworld, including the depths.

When you put the Travel Medallion, you may eliminate your fast-travel point by picking it from the Key Items menu as well as clicking “Collect.”

This will show you your plan, and you can decide which ones to get rid of. Robbie wants you to give him ten map places and give them back to him so he can improve the badge. Robbie means to turn on Skyview Towers when he talks about map-data places.

This means that it will count each time you show a place on the map. You can improve the Travel Medallion again, giving it three charges, if you find and use all 15 Skyview Towers.


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