In Tears Of The Kingdom, How Do I Get Falling Stars And All Star Fragments?

In Tears Of The Kingdom, How Do I Get Falling Stars And All Star Fragments?

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, farming Star Fragments is a great way to get a wide range of useful items that can be used for many different jobs within the open-world action adventure game.

The things were already in Zelda Breath of the Wild, the last game in the series, and they are back in the latest installment for Nintendo Switch. Even though the way to get them is the same, the way the map is set up in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom opens up new ways to do it.

The Story of Link Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of things you’ll need to find as you start your journey. Falling Stars is one of the rarer things you can find. You can add these things to your collection when they fall from the sky.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, it can be hard to find star pieces, but it’s worth the trouble. This item from Zelda Breath of the Wild comes back in the sequel, but it is used in a different way and is a little easier to get.

This guide tells you where to look for star pieces within Tears of the Kingdom, how to find them, and how to utilize them.

How To See Falling Stars:

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you have to be lucky enough to see a Shooting Star to catch it. Now, the rate at which Shooting Stars drop is a bit random. You might see a lot of them in one session of playing in Hyrule, or you may not encounter any at all for several sessions.

So, due to this, you should really try to follow one and catch it as soon as you see it.

When you encounter a Shooting Star, you can catch it in one of two ways. You are able to patiently wait for the Star to reach the earth, and once it does, it will make a long, tall light that points up into the sky.

You can get the Star Fragment if you move fast enough to get to the point within time. But they don’t last very long, and if you aren’t quick, you might miss them.

You can also catch a Star if it starts to fall whereas you and Link are jumping or flying. If you’re in the sky when the star falls, you’re able to tilt Link to make him dive or float towards it, then press “A” when he’s close enough.

What’s The Point Of Star Ppieces?

You want to use the strength of the stars, but you don’t know what to do with your Star Fragments. Here are all the ways Star Fragments can be used in ToK.

Magic Of Light:

Star Fragments can be joined to weapons and tools to make balls of light magic, similar to Rubies, Sapphires, and Topaz. This works very well against Gloom monsters that live in the Depths.

Armor Upgrades:

Star Fragments are mostly used to improve defense. Like in BotW, there are some special sets of weapons that can only be upgraded with Star Fragments. Below is a list of each set and the amount of Star Fragments it needs to be fully upgraded.

Hero Set 12 Star Fragments
Hero of Time 12 Star Fragments
Hero of Awakening 12 Star Fragments
Hero of Winds 12 Star Fragments
Hero of the Sky 12 Star Fragments
Hero of Twilight 12 Star Fragments
Hero of the Wild 9 Star Fragments
Sheik’s Mask 10 Star Fragments
Ruby Circlet 3 Star Fragments
Sapphire Circlet 3 Star Fragments
Diamond Circlet 3 Star Fragments
Topaz Earrings 3 Star Fragments

How To Get Star Fragments Best:

Every night, one Star Fragment will show for each person. This means that each day, a player can only get one thing. You have till 5 a.m. after it falls to pick it up. If you don’t, it will vanish from the map.

Star Fragments within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom appear as stars flying through the night sky.

Even though they are simple to see, they fall so fast that it is easy to miss them. After they fall, a flash of light that shoots into the sky makes them stand out among the overworld.

Because Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Sky Islands let players explore more of the sky, they don’t have to wait for the Star piece to fall to grab it.

You Can Catch The Star Within The Air By Hitting A:

In fact, players who are flying and see the shooting star falling can try to catch it in the air as well as press “A” when they’re close enough to grab the item.

Gamers Heroes upon YouTube also says that there is a chest within Soka Point that has a Star Fragment, so players are able to obtain an extra item if they need it.


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