In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Sneak Up On The Zora Kids

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Sneak Up On The Zora Kids:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a game that encourages players to think strategically and creatively in order to overcome the many obstacles that they encounter.

During Tears of the Kingdom, one of the more difficult aspects of the game is attempting to sneak up on the Zora youngsters without being discovered by them.

At first glance, this undertaking may seem to be insurmountable; yet, if approached in the appropriate manner, it may be successfully completed.

It would seem that even the best games are required to contain at least one frustrating stealth segment in order to be considered complete, as well as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom does not constitute an exception to this rule.

Only in this instance, the stealth element is really a riddle within disguise, as the player will need to think creatively in order to sneak up on some bothersome youngsters in order to advance the plot of Zora’s Domain.

If the player chooses to follow the plot of the Regional Phenomena and travels to Lanayru in the east, they will be required to clear the muck out of Zora’s kingdom before continuing their search for Prince Sidon.

They are going to be sent to locate Jiahato, who was the one who found a slab containing details on locating a sky island.

This will cause the Clues to the Sky Tears of the Kingdom mission to begin, during which the player will be required to go back to the throne chamber in Zora’s Domain and search for the monarch.

How To Hear What The Children Have To Say:

King Dorephon has to be located, but Link won’t have any luck finding him. Tumbo, Keye, as well as Laruta are the names of three Zora youngsters, and they are the ones that know where the king is hiding.

Unfortuitously, if Link reaches them while they are chatting, the game will require the player to go to the perimeter of the room so that the conversation may continue.

Although it is impossible to slip past these children in stealth, there is a pool in plain sight that may be utilized as a cover behind them.

In order to get to the pool, you will need to go down to the level below and enter the room where Sidon’s fiancĂ© is staying. In the far corner of this chamber, made of stone, is a tablet with the inscription “Tears of the Kingdom” that Link may interact with.

After making a little movement to the south, utilize the Ascend skill to quickly ascend into the ceiling above you. Use the screenshot that is located above as a reference if you are uncertain about the precise location.

In the event that the ascent is carried out appropriately, Link will show up in the pool. After that, you may sneak up on the children, and a popup that says “Listen” will appear on your screen.

After that, Link will have the ability to eavesdrop and discover the whereabouts of King Dorephon, which will initiate the next phase of the quest. The fact that the most apparent approach does not accomplish the goal of sneaking up on the children is first frustrating.

The fact of the matter is that the answer is simply another opportunity for the devs to show off the awesome new supernatural abilities that Link can perform in Tears of the Kingdom.

Since the player isn’t permitted to whack the kids with the blunt end of the Master Sword until they blow the beans. In Tears of the Kingdom, the player isn’t allowed to hit the kids with the blunt end of the Master Sword until they reveal the secret.


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