In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Make Use Of The Wings Zonai Device

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Make Use Of The Wings Zonai Device:

In this game, it’s very easy for Link to fall as well as glide with the paraglider because the view buildings send him into the clouds.

But flying takes some work, as well as the game doesn’t really explain how to use the Zonai wing in the “best” way. We’ve tried different ways to get off the ground, so we thought it might be useful to share them.

At first, it might seem hard to figure out how to use Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom wings, but all you have to do is put one on top of a steep hill at a great height, jump on it, and let gravity do the rest.

You can attach other Zonai parts, like viewers, rockets, or even flame burners, to give them more power. You can also connect a controller to your wings to transform them into a plane that you can move.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Zonai Wings are one of the many Zonai items you’ll find. They are a unique tool that will help you glide through the air while making it much easier to move through the sky.

These things don’t fly on their own. Instead, you have to be creative in order to get these individuals to work, and at times it’s as easy as finding a ramp. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, here’s what you need to know about how to fly with Zonai Wings.

Where Can I Get More Wings?

When you finish the Ascend shrine upon Great Sky Island, you get the initial few Wing items for free. Some of them were spread in the snow close to some sloped runways that were in a good spot.

If you crash, fall off the Wing, or drop it over the edge of the island, you may purchase more from the Zonai Device vendor near the Ascend shrine and in other places in the Sky Islands. The only place you can’t get them is from the initial capsule machine on Great Sky Island.

What The Zonai Wings Do:

The Zonai Wings are different from the other gadgets made by Zonai. Instead of being driven by batteries, they are mostly just simple structures that you may employ to serve as a base.

The way they operate is that you can glide via the air with them, just like when you use your paraglider. But compared to the paraglider, this won’t use up your energy wheel and doesn’t need a Zonai battery charge.

How you make them fly, though, will depend on where you are. The best way to get these big things to fly is to have them roll down a tiny slope before they jump off a cliff.

You’ll probably find them on the Great Sky Island after you finish the Gutanbac Shrine for The Closed Door quest. They usually need just a little push, so you might have to employ the Ultrahand to propel them onto a barrier before you jump on them.

When they fall off a hill and get a little bit of speed, they have an excellent opportunity of flying via the air. Once a pair of Zonai Wings is in the air, they will fly as long that they can, but you won’t be able to change their direction. You’ll keep flying until you choose to leap off the Zonai Wing.

In Tears of the Kingdom, you could try to control them by putting a Zonai fan in a certain spot or by using other things. It’s up to you and depends on how creative you are with the Ultrahand.

Use Zonai Charges To Make Your Battery Last Longer:

Make sure your battery is always full so you can use up all of your Zonai charges to fly for up to one minute. Your usual battery won’t keep you up in the air for long before it runs out as you start to lose altitude, so make sure to keep adding to it from your collection.

Add A Driving Stick To Give Yourself More Control:

Zonai driving sticks will finally be sold across the world and at Zonai gadget vending machines. Once you have one, just connect it to the middle of the wing, as well as you’ll have much more rapid and responsive control while you’re flying.

What Happens If The Takeoff Runway Isn’t Good?

Let’s face it you don’t always have a nice runway to glide off of. Sometimes, especially down in the depths, it’s necessary to propel your wing up into the air with very little room.

Use memory to put yourself out of the air within these situations. To do this, use Ultrahand to grab your wing as well as raise it from the ground up into the air along the direction you want it to fly.

Make sure that you move it slowly and hold it at its highest point for a few seconds before putting it back on the ground. Now get on board and begin to use Recall to make the wing go back to where it came from. This will let you get flying and turn on any fans or other tools you need to get going.

Where To Find A Vendor Who Sells Zonai Wings Capsules:

You will find a Zonai pill spigot close to the Gutanbac Shrine before you quit the Great Sky Island. Put your Zonai points to use! Really, don’t be cheap, because you’ll get a lot more charges as the game goes on.

I suggest buying in bulk and putting 5 Zonai charges through the machine to get as many pills as possible. If you have extra charges, you can do this more than once.

This particular capsule launcher likes Zonai wings as well as fans, which will prove very useful both in the air and on the ground.

By Adding An Extra Piece, You Can Turn Your Zonai Wings Into Small Planes:

When you get back to Hyrule’s surface, you will not discover many places to fire Zonai wings. So, taking off is a little harder. The easiest way to get into the air is to use more Zonai tools to turn the Zonai wing via a flyer into a small jet.

I think a high hill as well as either fans as well as rockets would be good. Put the different parts of Zonai in a secure, flat area near the edge of the cliff.

If you only have a single fan as well as rocket, put it on the Zonai wing’s tail. If you use more than one, put them on the opposite ends of the Zonai wing’s back.

Bring the whole mini-plane towards the edge, and then turn on the Zonai fans as well as rockets. To get enough speed off the edge, you might need a lot of fans or rockets. Because of this, we suggest

Make The Most Of Being Up High:

This last way isn’t easy or safe. You’ll have to be shot into the sky or jump from a sky island, since it will be hard to do the stunt in the air. But this way looks the most interesting.

First, jump from a place that is very, very high. When you’re at the right height to fly to your goal, open your paraglider.

Choose a Zonai wing pellet from your collection and drop it on the ground in front of you. If you do it right, the Zonai wing will show up under Link’s feet, letting you use the energy of Link’s free fall to move forward.

How To Make A Zonai Wing Fly:

This one is pretty clear, but it’s still worth pointing out. When in the air, if you stand to the left or right, the plane will tilt in that direction.

If you move to the back or front, the wing will either rise or fall. You should spend most of your time upon the round ‘pad’ within the middle.


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