In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Get The Phantom Armor Set

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Get The Phantom Armor Set:

Over the years, there have been a lot of bad guys in the Legend of Zelda games. The Phantoms are the name of a well-known enemy. These enemies first appeared within The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass as well as were popular in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, the game that came after it.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Phantom Armor set is one of the harder armor sets to find. We had to go to a lot of different places within Hyrule to locate it, and it’s spread out over a lot of different areas, so you’ll have to perform a bit of moving to narrow down each spot.

Any dedicated Zelda Tears of the Kingdom player knows that the Phantom Armor set was a must-have item. But it’s not easy to find all of this great stuff in the game.

If You Want A Winning Combination Then Just Put This Together With Best Weapon:

When you put this together with the greatest Tears of the Kingdom firearms, you have a winning combination. But it can be hard to find the Phantom Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom, since there are so many secrets and items hidden all over Hyrule.

Get ready to go on an exciting quest across Hyrule to try to get the Phantom Armor set. Use whatever you have on hand to help you get ready. We’re here to make sure your journey goes well by laying out all the steps you need to take.

Where You Can Find All Phantom Armor:

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Phantom Armor can be found in three different places. You can find these places by accident, but you can additionally narrow them down by talking to special NPCs who are nearby.

They’ll give you hints regarding where you can locate them, but they won’t tell you that’s what you’re looking for. The Phantom Armor set can be found in three different places and pieces. The Phantom Armor Chest, Phantom Greaves, as well as Phantom Helmet

Where Is The Phantom Armor Chest?

You’ll need to go to the Tamio River Downstream Cave to find the Phantom Chest piece. This place is south of Hyrule Ridge and before you get to the Gerudo Highlands. You can find this near the conclusion of the river within this area, down below.

Several Horriblins will be watching this cave when you get there. You should get rid of them quickly and then move forward. In the bigger hole, though, you’ll find a pile of Gloom Hands. This enemy is very hard to beat, and we died trying to get to this cave.

You should take care. Because this cave is wet, we took a sticky drink and climbed up the middle rock structure to reach the box at the top. This unlocked the Phantom box in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where Is Phantom Greaves?

You need to go to the Gerudo Desert to get the next piece, which is the Phantom Greaves. This place is in the southwest region of the map.

The exact place you need to go was to the south of the Champion’s Gate and the Siwakama Shrine. If you go south from here, you’ll find a lot of sand holes you can jump into.

You would like to fall into any of these, and you’ll want to seek out the third one from the middle, which is at the bottom of the set. We’ve marked that for you up there. When you get inside, the chest will be at the very bottom.

Where Is The Phantom Helmet?

The last box will be a little harder to find, and it has the Phantom Helmet in it. You need to go south of the Nette Plateau, southwest of Lake of the Horse God. On the east side, it’s close to Puffer Beach.

You are going to have to look upwards to find a big mountain cave opening that you must attempt to get to. You can do this by using the rockets around you, since getting to this spot is nearly impossible.

We had a hard time getting up there, and the rockets had trouble getting us to the top. When you get inside, you should be able to float away and find the box with the Phantom Helmet. This will finish your Phantom Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.


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