In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish The Joniu Shrine

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish The Joniu Shrine:

Joniu Shrine is part of a small side quest within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Instead of facing tasks, players have to solve a puzzle to open the spot.

Joniu is different from other shrines in the game because it stays locked till a special item is placed back in the right place. To get this object and get their prizes from the shrine, players need to make use of some Zonai technology.

Shrines of Light are new shrines that can be found in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There are 152 of them, to be exact.

Even though each shrine is different, not all of its puzzles are inside. For the majority of Rauru’s Blessing Shrines, you have to do a task outside before you can go inside.

Tears of the Kingdom takes its design ideas from the shrines in BotW. Walk in, use Link’s skills to figure out the puzzle, take a Light of Blessing, as well as walk out. But every once in a while, a shrine comes along and changes things up a bit.

For example, in Joniu Shrine, the hard part isn’t solving the puzzle inside, but getting in. In fact, once you get into Joniu Shrine, you are able to proceed straight to the prize chest and final figure.

Find The Joniu Shrine:

Joniu Shrine isn’t located on the overworld of Hyrule. Instead, it’s in one of the fresh underground passageways that dot the surface not the deepest caves,

but the ones that Link finds for the first time and are marked with a “Discovery” text box. At the tip of the Ralis Channel, close to Zora’s Domain, at the locations 2913, 0185, and 0154, there is a place called Joniu Shrine.

Players will see a familiar green rock on the ground when they enter the cave. If you take this green rock to the right place, it will transform into a shrine. In the case of the Joniu Shrine, this location occupies the conclusion of the flooded cave.

In order to get there, users must build a car that can move across water. Link has everything he needs right there to make a boat that works.

Joniu Shrine How To Solve It:

You’ll find an assortment of wooden planks, a hood, two fans, a rocket, as well as a control stick at the opening to Ralis Channel.

This sounds like a great plan for making a raft that can manoeuvre in opposition to this current, right? So, here’s a step-by-step plan for making a raft with these things.

Using Ultra-hand, grab the big piece of wood and put it on the ground. Put the veil in the middle of the piece of wood. Put one fan on each side of the back of the wooden plank.

Hit the rocket within the middle of the back. Put the driving stick on the front of the wooden plank. Last, take the green diamond and put it anywhere you want. Personally, I enjoyed creating my raft look such as a game.

The green diamond will open the doors to Joniu Shrine, so don’t fail to bring it with you. Not that I experienced it or anything.

To finish the “Ralis Channel Crystal” side quest, players must move a green crystal found at the beginning of the Joniu Shrine cave throughout a channel of water.

Use the turning stick to move your boat around and enjoy the boost from the rocket. Even though the river’s current will be pushing the raft back, you can plan your stops in order to get floating loot, do some digging, and get a Bubbulgem within the region to your left.

Once all the resources in the cave have been used up, go straight against the stream towards Joniu Shrine. When you turn on the shrine, the shrine quest will start. Then, pull the green crystal off the raft and take it to the door to the shrine.

What’s In The Chest At The Joniu Shrine?

As a simple Rauru’s Blessing shrine, the Joniu Shrine Chest is right at the door, so players don’t have to go out of their way to find it. Inside, players are going to discover a big Zonai Charge that can be used to buy Zonai products or to charge Link’s battery on the move.

On the path to Joniu Shrine, players will see a cave that goes off in a different direction. Inside this cave is a Bubbulfrog that will drop a Bubbul Gem that can be used at Kilton’s Monster Parts Shop.


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