In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish Tenmaten Shrine

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish Tenmaten Shrine:

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, do you want to know how to finish Tenmaten Shrine? Tears of the Kingdom includes a huge, open world that you could spend days exploring. Each area has a lot of places, tasks, surprises, and difficulties, just like the Shrines do.

You will get useful things as well as the Light of Blessing when you finish them. But a few of them are hidden within the sky or in holes. So, to make Link the best hero, you need to discover all of them. So, keep reading to learn where the Tenmaten Shrine is in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

In Tears of the Kingdom, shrines are talked about early on in the training. Those big rocks alongside swirls of green? Go inside them and solve the puzzles to get treats. Still, the part of the game where players learn how to play never taught them about the secret of hidden shrines.

And the game loves to hide shrines within just about every dark spot in Hyrule. So, it might not be easy to find Tenmaten Shrine, but it’s worth the trouble since there’s no hard problem to solve or lost green crystal to find.

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Tenmaten Shrine is one of the places that give gifts just for being found. The blessing shrines are the most straightforward to finish in Zelda: The Wind Waker.

But it’s a different story about how to find them. But that’s why we’re all here. Taking you through the darker parts of Hyrule so that you can reach your objective without any problems.

Where Is The Tenmaten Shrine?

Hyrule Field is where you can find Tenmaten Shrine. It is right at -0594, 1551, -0014. You can get close with both Lindor’s Brow as well as Lookout Landing Skyview Towers, but it’s a long trip. Much closer is the Serutabomac Shrine within the floating Hyrule Castle.

The Tenmaten Shrine is underground in a cave that can be reached by going to -0669, 1349, 0088 and going to the Elma Knolls Well.

When you fall into the well, you’ll land on a shelf with a torch and a campfire, as well as some bright bloom seeds as well as bright caps. That should tell you that everything else is going to be very dark.

If you fall via the next opening, you will land in water. To find land, swim north. You’ll need some light to keep going. If you have the Miner’s Armour, it works well, but bright bloom seeds on arrows also do the job.

Take care of the Horriblins, then keep going down the hill. On the left, there’s a box with a royal broadsword within it. At the edge of the water, there are two big logs. You’ll find a box with a gem and more planks further away.

How you get throughout the water is up to you. You can swim by using the planks as rest stops as well as the Zora Armour to swim faster. If you have a Zonai fan on hand, you can also build an airboat. Keep going to the left. Take care of the fire on the other side, and then go into Tenmaten Shrine.

Getting To Tenmaten Shrine:

Drop down Elma Knolls Well, then find the big hole close when it’s time to drop again. Take care that you unlock the paraglider before Link’s feet hit the ground or he will get hurt.

You could put on the Miner’s Outfit or drop some Bright Bloom Seeds to make the area brighter. Getting a Zonai lantern on hand is a third, less useful choice.

Once you’ve decided to explore the pitch-black interior of this cave, swimming back to the shore prior to your energy runs out and deal with the Horriblins that are hanging from the roof ahead.

When the road splits, go to the left and keep going until you get to the water. Glide and swim. From higher ground till you reach the beach across the line of Fire Like an enemy. You can shoot it with arrows or run past it we won’t judge either way.

Just around the corner is Tenmaten Shrine. There are no puzzles to figure out inside. This is actually a Rauru’s Blessing Shrine alongside a loot box at the end that contains a Large Zonai Charge as well as a Light of Blessing.

To Finish The Tenmaten Shrine, Do The Following:

To turn on Tenmaten Shrine, talk to it immediately following the Fire-Like monster. You don’t have to do additional tasks because the goal was to find the shrine. To get a Large Zonai Charge, open the loot box in the middle of the shrine.

You can get a Light of Blessing as a prize for going into the dark depths of Elma Knolls Well Cave by talking to the figures of Rauru and Sonia.


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