In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Call Satori

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Call Satori:

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Satori is a secret friend who can be called by cherry blossom trees. Players can get help from this mythical beast, but only if they know how to get Satori on their side.

From Zonai Devices to Tulin’s wide gusts, Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of tools that can help you get around the big world. Satori is one of the more secret allies you can call upon.

There are lots of secrets and new things to find in Tears of the Kingdom. Some are hard to find, and some are just far enough off the beaten path to seem hidden.

Satori, a magical creature that may be called to Cherry Blossom Trees, is one of the best things we’ve found in the game. This guide shows how to call up Satori so that everyone can use its benefits.

Whenever you call Satori, a bright light will come out of every cave nearby. This is a very useful tool if you want to mine rocks or farm Bubbul Gems to sell to Koltin’s.

However, not many people know how to call the beast. If you want to call Satori within Tears of the Kingdom, you should do the following.

What Does Satori Mean?

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Satori is known as the Lord of the Mountain. It is a magical creature that knows everything there is to know about the caves and creatures in them around Hyrule.

This is the reason why, when Link gives the beast a gift, it tells him where all the caves are in the area. Players can make a gift at every Cherry Blossom Tree to see the caves all over Hyrule and make it easy to find things like the Bubbul Game.

How To Bring Satori To You:

At Cherry Blossom Trees, the only way to call Satori is to give him a piece of fruit. At any Tears of the Kingdom Cherry Blossom Tree, you can do this.

One is shown in the picture above. It is near Lookout Landing. From that town, go east towards the shrine within the distance. The cherry tree stands to the left of the shrine.

Link needs to put some fruit in the bowl by the tree. We tried it with five pieces and it seemed to work, but it might also work with less. Once the fruit is placed in the bowl, a movie will play and Satori appears.

What Happens When You Call On Satori?

When you call on Satori in ToK, beams of light come out of every cave within the area. This is very helpful because it makes it easy to farm Bubbul Gems along with additional things, especially at night.

Satori showed us the closest cave, which had a stone talus with a bright rock on its back.

This meant we could beat the enemy and get a strong Talus Heart for one of our guns. There was also a Bubbulfrog in the cave, so we could get another Bubbul Gem for Koltin’s shop.

All Places With Cherry Blossom Trees:

You can call Satori to you in a number of places in Tears of the Kingdom. The oldest is in Central Hyrule, just east of Lookout Landing. Each shrine can be found by the bright and beautiful cherry blossom tree that is always nearby.

No. Cherry Blossom Tree Location Coordinates
1 Eldin Mountains 1244, 2956, 0418
2 Tabantha Frontier -4049, 1693, 0198
3 Hyrule Field 0316, 0538, 0022
4 Lanayru Great Spring 2529, -0009, 0143
5 Hyrule Ridge -2296, -0340, 0350
6 Gerudo Canyon -2310, -2156, 0250
7 East Necluda 3356, -2483, 0280
8 Faron Grasslands 0805, -3502, 0057


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