In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Queen Gibdo

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Queen Gibdo:

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the bosses are a sight to behold. Instead of the elemental forms that Calamity Ganon used in the previous games, you face natural monsters like Queen Gibdo, who covers the Gerudo Desert in sand.

When you finish all of the tasks in the Lightning Temple and go beyond the Asencion Room within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Queen Gibdo is going to be waiting for you. She is one of the hardest bosses within the game, so be ready.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, each temple area has a powerful boss fight. The Lightning Temple is different, though, because its boss fight starts as soon as you enter.

If you follow our guide, you should be able to beat Queen Gibdo Scourge of the Lightning Temple, but you have to be ready for the fight.

In TotK, you fight Queen Gibdo as part of the “Riju of Gerudo Town” task. As a component of the “Regional Phenomena” task, this is one of the four main plot quests.

Southwest of the map is where the Gerudo live, and if you hit their kingdom, you’ll keep going on the quest until you can get into the Lightning Temple.

Make sure you have full health, lots of food, a full set of bows, multiple shields, as many bullets as you can take, and things like shock fruit that will cause lightning damage. You’ll need it all for the fight that’s coming.

Queen Gibdo Needs To Know:

After taking the lift to the peak of the temple, you’ll have to use any of Riju’s lightning arrows to break open the big purple hive within front of you. This will start the fight.

Queen Gibdo has a boss who moves around a lot. She will run and rush around the field for as long as she can. Because of this, you should save your energy. Avoid letting it run out completely, or you might be within the red when you must close a gap or receive out of the way.

As before, Queen Gibdo possesses two different forms: one where she is safe and one where a natural attack takes away her safety. We’ll name this her weaker state, and the fact that her shell is now white is a sign of this.

Queen Gibdo has a wide range of moves. The first is that she can call up and throw storms at you, but she can only do this when she is weak.

In her regular shape, she possesses a charge strike where she rears out for a moment then runs straight at you, and a beam strike that follows you. You should move to the side to avoid all of these strikes.

The boss also uses a slamming move that she may employ either way. If that you’re too close, it’s hard to avoid this, therefore employ an effective barrier to stop it.

How To Get Ready For The Queen:

It’s a different boss fight that depends a lot on the ability of your partner. If you are carrying yellow chuchu jelly as well as shock fruit, you can get around that for this boss.

You may utilise red chuchu jelly or fire fruit instead of electric attacks if you run out. If you intend to destroy the hives throughout the fight, you will need Riju’s lightning power.

This is the only move that can make them fall down, and if you don’t want too many enemies to appear, you should kill them. During the fight, bomb flowers are additionally a great way to get rid of Gibdos.

How To Get Rid Of Queen Gibdo:

The first part of the fight is mostly the same as when you faced Queen Gibdo outside the temple. You’ll have to avoid her hits, take off her armour by using an elemental assault, and then rush at her to do as much harm as possible before she stands back up.

When the boss has been hurt enough, a cutscene will start the second part. During this part, all four Gibdo hives that are spread around the field will start to work, making the fight even more dangerous.

Getting through the second part of the fight is the hard part. In the second part, it gets harder to defend against the Queen’s attacks. Her storms are bigger, and she has a move that makes her jump. Try to keep an eye on her at all times.

Make it your top goal to take out no fewer than one of the groups. When you do, a shaft of light will appear. These will automatically take away the Gibdos’ protection as well as weaken them, making them simple to kill.

Knock Out Some Of Hives To Win These Fight:

They won’t be successful on the queen, but if you can get rid of a few hives, the fight will be much easier to win. The new shafts of light can make it hard to see the boss because they can hide her behind the light.

To stop this, it helps to remove a few of the hives before you only focus on the queen. If you have good protection, the smaller Gibdos won’t hurt you much, so you simply need to follow the boss as close as you can around the field.

Hit The Boss With Any Of Riju’s Lightning Arrows:

To win this fight, you need to understand how to knock down Queen Gibdo and stop her. If you hit the boss with any of Riju’s lightning arrows following she has already been weakened.

you have an excellent likelihood of stunning her, giving you an excellent opportunity to damage her alongside your physical weapons. As long that you keep getting rid of the gibdos and stopping the boss from getting too strong, you ought to be able to win.

If you’re low on life or defense, don’t go near Queen Gibdo until any of Riju’s lightning hits has put her down. You’ll receive a heart bottle if you win. Make sure you take it, because it won’t come to you on its own. Then, talk to Riju about her quest to finish it.


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