In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Mucktorok

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Mucktorok:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the bosses aren’t all the same, which is different from the first game.

You don’t fight different parts of the big bad himself. Instead, you fight monsters who cause environmental disasters for the people of Hyrule who just want to live their lives.

The boss fights in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be hard, as well as the guardian of the Water Temple will not be exception. Link has to fight the powerful Mucktorok.

Link won’t be fighting this threat alone, though. Prince Sidon will be with him, and the Scourge of the Water Temple can only be stopped with the power of the Zora royal family.

At the conclusion of the Water Temple, after Link as well as Prince Sidon cleaned the four big taps, they run into Mucktorok. Try to go into the fight with full health, food, as many bullets and Splash Fruit as you can, and as many as you can.

This is because the sludge feature of Tears of the Kingdom is a big part of the next boss fight, so Link must find a way to get rid of the mud that fills the field.

Because of Prince Sidon’s blessed power, splash fruits aren’t completely required for the fight, but they make the task a lot easier. One of these bosses is the Mucktorok, who is to blame for the muck in Zora Domain.

After going through a difficult series of sky islands as well as dealing with low gravity while solving problems within the Water Temple, this boss was a great way to let off steam.

Mucktorok Overview:

Mucktorok makes for an interesting boss. It is a small Octorok that looks like an alien and has the ability to make mud. During most of the fight, it will change into a mud shark, which it will use to move quickly around the area and attack you.

If you hit the Mucktorok with a water attack, it can either remain stunned for a short time or lose its shark form, letting you get closer and hit it a few times. This is the sole occasion when you can hurt it; you can’t hurt the boss when you’re in sludge shark form.

The Mucktorok had two moves that come with it. The first moveĀ is a jump dive, which makes sludge rings form around the point of contact. The second is a mud laser beam that will move from left to right as it fires. Both of these strikes are easy to avoid by jumping, especially in the Water Temple, where the gravity is lower.

How To Win Against Mucktorok:

If you hit Mucktorok with water, it will lose its mud shark form as well as be weak for a short time.

However, you should use the attack that comes with Sidon’s water armor power. This will get rid of the muck in one shot. It will take two hits to use an arrow that has been combined with Splash Fruit or Chuchu Jelly.

Once the slime shark form is gone, run to the boss and use your best physical weapons to give the greatest damage as you can. In this form, it can’t fight back at all, so don’t stress regarding getting hit.

After a short time, it will change back into a sludge shark, and the cycle will start again. When the boss’s health drops to half, a video plays and the fight moves on to the next part.

During this part, the boss will make a lot of big puddles all over the area. These might be extremely bothersome, so use water waves to get rid of them when you can.

In the second part of the fight, after Mucktorok has been knocked out of its shark form, it will start swimming through the puddles of muck. It will do this either until it has enough energy to return to shark form or until it is hit as well as stunned for a longer time.

When the Mucktorok is in its default state and diving around, it is easy to knock it out of the air by jumping into the air as well as shooting an arrow at it from there. The slowdown while it’s in the air gives you a great deal of time for knocking it out of the air before you rush at it to beat it up.

Overall, this battle seems more annoying than hard. Save your wet items for the second part, when you have to clean up sludge, and use Sidon’s power to knock the shark off the platform.


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