In Tears Of The Kingdom, Does Zelda Stay A Dragon

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Does Zelda Stay A Dragon?

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link travels all over Hyrule in search of Zelda as well as beat Ganondorf, just like in many other Legend of Zelda games.

Link thinks he is looking for Zelda the whole game as he visits the four strange places in Hyrule. But Zelda’s story is actually a lot more complex than this.

One of the most mysterious things about The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is how a fourth dragon, a white dragon with a golden head, shows up and flies around Hyrule.

After you’ve finished the Great Sky Islands as well as sent the Master Sword another time to Princess Zelda, you’ll see the Light Dragon for the first time.

What occurs to Princess Zelda after the introduction is one of the biggest secrets within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. During the game, players are going to find out that she was sent back in time to a time when Zonai was still around.

She changes into a dragon to go back to her time, but even after Link learns this, he still doesn’t know for sure if she’ll change back into a Hylian. This guide tells you if Zelda stays a dragon at the end of Tears of the Kingdom along with what happens to her.

Does Zelda Always Have To Be A Dragon?

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Zelda does not stay as a dragon. During the story, Link fights Ganondorf in an exciting battle and changes Zelda back to her Hylian form.

The bad guy steals a Dragon Stone to turn into a dragon to kill Link, yet Zelda comes to help him and transforms back into a Hylian in the process. We won’t give away too many additional details because it’s best for players to find out for themselves.

Does Zelda Become Human Happen Again?

Becoming an eternal dragon seems like a choice that can’t be changed. Within Tears of the Kingdom, Zelda is turned into a dragon, but she can get back home.

We’ll talk about how she changes back to her normal form when we talk about how the game ends. Only keep reading if you’re there or want to know what happens.

Link watches as the Demon King copies Zelda’s change into the Demon Dragon during the final fight with Ganondorf. Ganondorf as well as Zelda fight as their dragons fight each other.

Dragondorf can be defeated when Zelda and Link use the Master Sword to break the Secret Stone. This leads to a huge blast that sends our main characters into some kind of otherworldly place.

Here, Rauru as well as Sonia give Link’s Zonai arm the ability to change Zelda return into her regular Hylian form, which Link does. So, she turns back into a person and is set to be the main character within any future Zelda game.

How Does Zelda Turn Into A Dragon?

Princess Zelda changes into a dragon so she can go back to her personal time and be alongside Link and her other friends again. At the start of Tears of the country, she is taken back to the beginning of Hyrule, when the Zonai were just building the country.

When Tears of the Kingdom begins, this group of people has passed away, and Zelda tries to find a way to go back to her moment in the future.

She does this by taking a tearstone down her throat. Mineru, a Zonai, assists Zelda do this as part of an illegal rite called “dragonification.”

Zelda can go back in time as long as she lives as a dragon. She lives longer than the Zonai, and by the time Breath of the Wild as well as Tears of the Kingdom happen, she is an old dragon.

After learning this, players will be able to see Zelda flying above Hyrule as well as know that their princess will be there with her. They won’t understand this until halfway through the game, when Zelda finally changes back to her Hylian form.

How The Light Dragon Came To Be:

At the beginning of Tears of the Kingdom, Link as well as Zelda meet Ganondorf’s skeleton, which is held together by an arm that has lost its body.

When Link and Zelda get close to Ganondorf, the severed arm falls as well as a tear-shaped stone rolls towards Zelda. Ganondorf reacts when Zelda picks up the gem and it starts to shine a bright light.

When Ganondorf uses his skills to raise Hyrule Castle, Zelda starts to fall into a chasm. Link is just about to catch her, but the stone she found earlier sends her back within time and saves her. Link can send the broken Master Sword again in time to Zelda with a later spell that works the same way.

In the past, Zelda found out that the stone was a Secret Stone that could boost a person’s natural skills.

She also finds out about draconification, a banned act in which a person can turn into an ageless dragon by eating their Secret Stone. But during the process, the person loses their old thoughts as well as sense of who they are.

Zelda eats her Secret Stone and changes into the Light Dragon because she can’t think of any other way to get to the future to provide Link the Master Sword.


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