In Stardew Valley, How Many Purple Starfish Are Found On Ginger Island?

In Stardew Valley, How Many Purple Starfish Are Found On Ginger Island?

Ginger Island is an important part of Stardew Valley, especially when you want to explore the whole world and do everything the game has to offer. On this island, there is a character you have to help and work with to finish everything before moving on.

Part of that is recognizing how many Purple Starfish are on Ginger Island. This book tells you exactly how many of these animals there are as well as when you need to give that important number.

Professor Snail would then ask you to fill out two important surveys in the game Stardew Valley.

When you go to Ginger Island for the first time in Stardew Valley, you will find a lot of new things, from a volcano dungeon to a strange archaeologist. Professor Snail is the name of this NPC, as well as he has a few side missions you can do to get rewards.

Professor Snail, Where To Find Him:

Professor Snail could be noticed on Ginger Island, as was already said. The tent of the professor is north of where the game starts. From here, go to the area in the north and follow the path till the you reach a small green tent.

Professor Snail needs to be saved before you can go in. The Dig Site with the broken bridge is to the left of his tent. By giving the parrot there ten Golden Walnuts, you can fix the bridge and get into the Dig Site.

When you get to the Dig Site, you will see that Professor Snail is stuck in a cave that is blocked off. You can use any kind of bomb to break these rocks. Professor Snail will be freed when the rock breaks, and you can talk to him at the Island Field Office.


Choosing the wrong answer will make you have to wait until the next day. Each survey will only let you answer it once a day.

The Number Of Purple Starfish:

When you get to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley, there are 18 Purple Starfish there. You should also know that there are 22 Purple Flowers on the island, but you might not need to know this for a while.

All of this is related to Professor Snail, a major character on the island who is important for getting you some valuable items. At least, he is if you want to finish Stardew Valley 100% of the way.

Professor Snail would then ask you two things when you talk to him. First, he’ll ask how many Purple Flowers there are on the island, and you’ll have to tell him 22.

Then he’ll ask how many Purple Starfish there are, to which you should say 18. If you do this, he’ll give you two Golden Walnuts, which is a lovely bonus on top of the many other things you can obtain at the Research Station.


If you give the right answer to a survey, you will get a Golden Walnut. This means that if you fill out both surveys, you can get a total of two walnuts.
When you have collected all the fossils and done both surveys, you will get the Ostrich Incubator, that’s utilized to hatch Ostrich eggs.

During This Quest, You Can Also Finish The 4 Fossil Collections Quest:

Ginger Island is surrounded by ground that is full of fossils. Here is where you can dig them up and take as many as you can to the Research Station. The currency on this island is Golden Walnuts, and you get more of them the more fossils you give away.

This is why it’s so important to answer Professor Snail’s questions: you can now get 2 Golden Walnuts with very little work to start things off. There are many more things to do on the island, which has some of the most complex content in Stardew Valley.

Do yourself a favor by obtaining these Golden Walnuts early in order to move on to greater and better things.


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