In Star Wars Jedi, Here’s How To Find The Musician And Their Droid

In Star Wars Jedi, Here’s How To Find The Musician And Their Droid:

After you finish the first big story mission on Koboh, you can go to the Pyloon Saloon and enjoy it in all its glory. The only thing that’s missing is some live music, which would be great.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, everyone makes an effort to get by, and there are people all over the world who are using their many skills to stay alive.

Some people like to use their fighting skills to force their way through life, but others, like artists, are more strategic and use their particular abilities to generate a living.

Depending on how far along in the game you are, it can be hard to get to where the singer and their droid are. We’ll show you what you have to do before you go looking for them as well as how to employ them as the official bar band.

On Koboh, the Pyloon’s Saloon needs a singer, and Monk has heard that an artist and their robot friend are wandering around the planet.

If you could find them, you could persuade them to go to the bar. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, here’s what you have to understand about how to find the artist and their droid.

How To Begin Looking For The Musician As Well As Their Droid:

This Jedi: Survivor story can be heard by talking to Monk in the Pyloon’s Saloon. Come up to the bartender droid and chat with him for a bit. He will tell you what the other people in the bar have told him, like that the musician was seen nearby.

After talking to Monk, you’ll have an additional waypoint so you may begin looking for the artist and their robot. They shouldn’t be too far from Rambler’s Reach, which is the game’s main hub area.

Where The Musician As Well As Their Droid Can Be Found:

This high part of Koboh can be reached in two ways. For both, you need to use a Nekko, which is a bird-like creature that lives on Koboh. There should be one close or at Mosey’s stable.

Mount it, pull it up to the edge of the cliff closest to where the story said it was, and jump off. You are able to locate the water ramp and employ Nekko from Jedi: Survivor to climb up it. These two ways both work.

Harvest Ridge Is A New Place To Explore Inside The Game:

Going forward will lead you to Harvest Ridge, a new place to explore in Jedi: Survivor. You’ll be able to find a lot of items and fight even more enemies in this area. You’ll find DD-EC as well as Ashe Javi, the singer and robot you were looking for, in the middle of the spot.

Come up to Ashe and talk to them quickly. The talk is simple, and they’ll agree to play at Pyloon’s Saloon as entertainment. During your Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mission, you will now be able to enjoy live music at the Saloon.

Find the Musician and Their Droid Rewards:

Find the Musician as well as Their Droid doesn’t give you a prize, but it does let you choose the music that plays in Pyloon’s Saloon. In Doma’s shop, you can buy music tracks.


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