In Resident Evil 4 Remake, Should You Employ The Riot Gun Shotgun?

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, Should You Employ The Riot Gun Shotgun?

Inside the Resident Evil 4 remake, you can use a lot of different weapons. The Riot Gun is a shotgun that you can find later on. It is a semiautomatic shotgun that might be a better choice for you in battle.

You’ll have to decide between this shotgun and the W 870, which you’ll locate in the course of the game. Here’s what you need to know about the Riot Gun shotgun inside the Resident Evil 4 remake so you can decide if you should use it.

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, the riot gun is just one of the numerous weapons that can be used to control crowds. It is the 2nd shotgun out of three that can be used in Capcom’s game.

You could indeed discover it early in the game, which is good because it is a powerful gun to have, even for later missions. This article will talk about the procedure for obtaining the item in the RE4 remake.

Is It Good To Have A Riot Gun Shotgun?

When you compare the Riot Gun to the W-870, you can see that they are not the same. Even though the W-870 can be reloaded a little faster, the Riot Gun is better in many other ways.

Why  Riot Gun Is Better:

It has more power, more ammo, and a faster rate of fire than the W-870. It is also much more accurate than the W-870. Because of this, the Riot Gun is a much better choice than the starting shotgun. If you have the chance, you should definitely sell or trade the W-870 shotgun for the Riot Gun.

Riot Gun Can Fire Bullets For Longer Distances Because It’s Tighter Spread:

The riot gun is also a unique weapon because when you fire it, the bullets hit closer together. It’s a good shotgun for greater distances due to its tighter spread. You shouldn’t use it like a rifle, but compared to the W-870, you can hit targets that are farther away with more confidence.

Striker Is Easier To Carry:

When you make a comparison the Riot Gun to the other shotgun, the Striker, things get a little trickier. The Striker is different from other shotguns because it is smaller and easier to carry. It also has more power than the Riot Gun and can hold a lot more ammunition.

Riot Is Better Because Of Quick Reload Time:

But the Riot Gun is better than the Striker in terms of how quickly and accurately it can be reloaded. This makes the Riot Gun a little better for long-distance fights.

We think the Riot Gun is a better choice than the Striker, but it all depends on how you play. If you want to save area in your inventory, the Striker is a good choice, particularly in terms of raw power.

Information About Riot Gun:

Power 6.4
Attack Speed
Ammo Capacity 7
Reload Speed 1
Rate of Fire 0.75
Precision 3.5
Inventory Slots 16 (2×8)


How To Obtain A Rifle:

The riot gun can be bought for the first time early in the game from a merchant. This semi-automatic weapon could be bought in Chapter 6 for 28,000 pesetas. It is a big step up compared to the initial shotgun, the W-870, and is a big improvement over it.

Getting Ashley out of the village would then take a lot of firepower, especially if Mendez is in the way. So, it’s a good idea to save up for the this powerful shotgun.

If users don’t have enough credits to buy this weapon right away, you can still get it later. This gun will always be for sale at the shop until the end of the game.

The Riot Gun is strong enough to stop low as well as mid-level mobs in their tracks, and it can do a lot of damage to boss enemies. It can quickly take out enemies with just a very few shots when time is short. Make sure you devote sufficient time to improve its stats by upgrading it whenever you can.


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