In Pokémon Go, The Best Moves For Shadow Blaziken Are

In Pokémon Go, The Best Moves For Shadow Blaziken Are:

Blaziken is a starting Pokémon from Hoenn region you’re able to find in Pokémon Go. There is now a shadow Blaziken that you can get by fighting members of Team Rocket.

If you catch a shadow Torchic as well as teach it to evolve into a Blaziken, it’ll make a good member of your squad. To just get the most from your Pokémon in battle, you’ll need to instruct it the best moves. There are a few ways to do this.

About Blaziken:

Blaziken is a Pokémon that is both a Fire and a Fighting type, and its highest CP is 19109. It is weak against psychic and flying Pokémon, and experienced players will be able to beat it easily on their own.

However, young comers are going to require partner or 2 with the correct counters to make sure they win the battle.

Shadow Blaziken Moveset:

Blaziken’s shadow version is the same type as the original Blaziken, so there aren’t any big changes here. Blaziken is a Fire as well as Fighting type Pokémon. This makes it weak to Flying, Ground, Psychic, as well as Water type attacks, but strong against Bug, Dark, Fire, Grass, Ice, as well as Steel type attacks.

It has an attack power that is much higher than just its defending, which is much lower. It doesn’t have a very high stamina stat, so it might be easier to take out than some other Pokémon on your team, yet it may be a great attacker and Switch Pokémon.

Because It Is A Shadow Version, Blaziken’s Attack Gets A 20% Boost.

Blaziken’s attack goes up by 20% due to the shadow version, but its protections go down by an equal quantity. This can be a bad hit, but if you use Blaziken as your team’s main attacking player, it ought to bring far more meaningful change than just a negative one.

Fast moves

Counter Fighting type 8 damage and 3.5 energy per turn 4 damage per turn 2 turns
Fire Spin Fire type 9 damage and 3.3 energy per turn 3 damage per turn 3 turns

For Shadow Blaziken’s fast move, you can only choose between counter as well as fire spin. Blaziken is a Fire as well as Fighting type, so both of them receive the identical type of strike bonus modifier, but Counter seems to be the better choice.

It’s faster and does almost as much damage as Fire Spin, that also takes an extra turn to use. Counter always wins, no matter what charged attack combinations you use.

Brave Bird Flying type 130 damage and 55 energy 100% chance to lower the user’s defence by three ranks
Blast Burn Fire type 110 damage and 50 energy
Blaze Kick Fire type 55 damage and 40 energy
Focus Blast Fighting type 150 damage and 75 energy
Overheat Fire type 130 damage and 55 energy 100% to lower the user’s attack by two ranks
Stone Edge Rock type 100 damage and 55 energy

Now, there are a few more choices you could make for Shadow Blaziken’s charged attack. However, not every one of them are indeed the right ones for you.

Stone Edge as well as Blaze Kick are the finest moves out of all of these. Brave Bird is a strong flying-type move, but it does too much damage to Blaziken’s defenses.

Blast Burn is also a strong Fire-type move, but it requires greater strength to start charging than Blaze Kick. Focus Blast as well as Overheat are the same. Those are good choices, but Blaziken can’t use them.


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