In No Man’s Sky, Here’s How To Locate A Sentinel Interceptor Ship

In No Man’s Sky, Here’s How To Locate A Sentinel Interceptor Ship:

With the Interceptor Update, Sentinel Interceptor ships have been added to No Man’s Sky. The technology in these ships was taken from the Sentinels, and they offer a unique way to travel through space.

The cockpit fades away so you can see what’s going on around you. Once you unlock these ships, they often don’t need to be fixed, so they’re much simpler to operate with. This guide tells you where to look for a Sentinel Interceptor ship so you don’t get stuck in space.

With the Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky, a new ship called the Sentinel Interceptor was added. This ship is made for combat and exploration.

The update, which came out on April 5, 2023, also added new missions, rewards, as well as changes to how the game is played. To fly a Sentinel Interceptor, you have to find one that has crashed and fix it. This can be hard to do if you don’t know what to do.

How To Look For A Broken Planet:

You have to go to a corrupted planet before you can find a Sentinel Interceptor ship. If you open the galaxy map and search for a star cluster with the description “dissonant,” it’s easy to find these.

Go there with a warp drive and afterwards take a glance for such planet in that system that fits the description of the Corrupted Sentinels. This planet will always be corrupted, and you can only discover a Sentinel Interceptor ship here.

How To Locate A Sentinel Interceptor:

There are 3 methods for discovering a Sentinel Interceptor ship once you’ve landed on a corrupted planet. The easiest way is to shoot the space station in the this system, kill every wave of Sentinel Interceptors that come after you, and destroy the Sentinel Capital Ship.

If you do this, you will be given the location of a Sentinel Interceptor ship that has crashed. You could also fly down to the planet with the corrupted sentinels and attack them.

After you’ve killed the last wave, you’ll get a complimentary scan. This will show where a Sentinel Interceptor Ship is, but the place will be called a “dissonant spike.”

If you follow it, you’ll get to your ship. There is also a small chance that the big quadruple Corrupted Sentinels would then drop an Echo Locator which will direct visitor to a ship, however this is a rare drop. As soon as you find your new carrier, you have to fix it.

Where To Look For A Sentinel Multi-Tool:

On corrupted Sentinel worlds, you can find Sentinel Multi-Tools in strange harmonic camps. You can get these tools, which range in class from C to S, by beating the harmonic lockdown at the encampment. Custom repairs are able to open up all of the tool’s inventory slots.

How To Fix:

As soon as you get close to a crashed Sentinel Interceptor ship, you’ll need to take out as many parts as you can. Don’t lose these, because you’ll need them later.

When you find the ship, it starts a dynamic mission that needs you to do a few things before you can take it. We’ve written down each step so you don’t get stuck when you try to claim yours. We suggest putting the first save beacon on your ship so you can easily get back to it at any time.

Getting Radiant Shards:

To fix your new ship, you’ll need three radiant shards. On every corrupted planet, you could indeed find these in the big purple crystals that are all over the place.

Most of the time, these have sentinels in them, but not always. Make sure you have the sophisticated mining laser to break these up and get the radiant shards.

How To Find An Inverted Mirror:

Dissonance resonators are the only way to get mirrors that are backwards. These are also all over corrupted planets, and you can use your scanner to find them.

On a corrupted planet, there is almost always at least one near where you are, if not two. All you have to do to get the mirror that is backwards is break the machine. But the sentinels that have been corrupted will attack when you do, so be prepared to fight.

How To Repair The Hyaline Brain:

When you talk to the Hyaline Brain users got from the Sentinel Interceptor ship that crashed, it will tell you where a monolith is. When you talk to the monolith, it will fix the hyaline brain and turn it into a harmonic brain.

Bring all of these things back to the Sentinel Interceptor ship that has crashed, and it will be ready to be claimed. A few of these ships have lots of open spots, so it’s worth your time to check them out. There are a couple different kinds, but they all have the same Sentinel style.


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