In development since time immemorial, Pikmin 4 will release well in 2023

Miyamoto has a nice t-shirt to announce it

It was a running gag that had been circling for years in the community Pikmin fans : Shigeru Miyamoto said in 2017 that “the development of Pikmin 4 is very close to completion”. Since then, apart from the remaster and the release of Pikmin Bloom on mobile, it’s been complete radio silence…until today.

In effect, Mario’s dad, Shigeru Miyamotoput on his best t-shirt during from the latest Nintendo Direct to let us know that Pikmin 4 will be fine available for current 2023 on Switch.

Quoi ? Des images de gameplay ? What next ?

You will be entitled to a teaser which doesn’t show much (apart from the fact that it’s quite pretty), a handful of screenshots for the form, the most beautiful smile of Miyamoto-san which quickly addresses the latest advances in Mario animated movieand then it’s fed up.

Well, the only somewhat concrete things that we can note is that Pikmin 4 will address a closer perspective of the action, and that the controls risk being overly refinedin order to focus above all on the gameplay.


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