In Destiny 2, Here’s How To Discover The Action Figure At Striders’ Gate

In Destiny 2, Here’s How To Discover The Action Figure At Striders’ Gate:

In Destiny 2, there are action figures hidden all over Neomuna, and you have to find them all if you want to finish the They’re Not Dolls triumph.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find them, so all you can do is try to piece together a few hints about what you need to do. Here’s what you need to understand about Striders’ Gate in Destiny 2 to locate the action figure.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is the newest expansion in the series. Its story and world are based on action movies from the 1980s. In addition to the primary storyline as well as side quests, players could indeed find many secrets hidden in Neomuna, such as valuable treasure chests filled with loot as well as collectibles that fit with the action film topic.

The Striders’ Gate Action Figure Can Be Found At:

Striders’ Gate is the most important place on the map of Neomuna’s north, above all the other major places. It’s where you usually spawn when you first get to the planet, so it’s likely the first place many players go.

The clue for this action figure is, “Do you want to play a game? Your duration in lights is waiting for you in a target gallery.”

You are much closer to the action figure than you might think. You could indeed locate it within the exact house where you’ve been collecting Action Figures.

Round 1:

You will be put on a small balcony that you can move around on. You could leave, but you shouldn’t. When you get there, you’ll see a row of diamonds in the middle of the field that slowly disappear. This is the timer for you.

You should shoot these red canisters in the first round. Once the first one goes off, the next one will appear. The second canister won’t show up if the first one hasn’t exploded.

These canisters will appear in set places, so it’s easy to start over if you miss one or run out of time.

Round 2:

The second round is a bit tougher. You’ll still have to shoot the red canisters, but this time there will be a lot more of them. To get more time, you could indeed shoot the diamonds that appear after a certain amount of time. When you destroy a diamond, your timer will start all over again.

Once all of the canisters have been destroyed, the action figure would then appear. If you haven’t gotten the Esi Terminal action figure yet, get a sponge, because here’s how to find it in Destiny 2. You have to go up to a green arcade machine to use it.

You’ll be taken outside, where you’ll see a few floating nodes that tell you how long users have to finish the round. Your goal is to shoot the red canisters that show up in the area before time runs out. Each round must be finished by shooting these canisters before the number of nodes reaches zero.

After you finish the activity, you can get the action figure and bring it back to the room.


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