Ikea unveils the ideal accessory for successful picnics!

The Swedish firm Ikea has just unveiled the perfect product to make a success of all its picnics planned for the summer.

The heat, sunny days, outings with friends… Summer is always eagerly awaited by the majority of people. But to know how to take advantage of it, it is often necessary have the essential devices for this period. And precisely, Ikea has just put on sale an ideal tool for picnics.

Stop the heat with the Swedish firm

But before you think about going outside to take advantage of sunny days, you have to think about the essentials. Namely, not to die of hot because of the high temperatures. Precisely, the Swedish firm has found the ideal object for this.

We are obviously talking about the Rexbegonia. And it’s not about flowers as its name might suggest. No, this object is actually a mattress that allows you to cool down. Especially since it goes in the fridge.

It can also be placed under the pillow to have a feeling of cold under your head. And no doubt it will help you sleep better. Especially if you don’t have air conditioning to cool the room.

And besides, it is rather inadvisable to have an air conditioning. Admittedly, this may allow you to do not suffer from the heat. However, with global warming, putting an air conditioner does not help our planet at all, quite the contrary.

The best thing is therefore to immerse your rooms in the dark. Avoiding too much sunlight. You must therefore most often close your shutters. But it is clear that you will always have heat entering your home.

So spend some time on your terrace. Especially since Ikea has unveiled several ideas for furnishing this space from your place. We have also devoted an article to this subject which we invite you to read by clicking here.

Ikea unveils the ideal accessory for successful picnics!
Ikea unveils the ideal accessory for successful picnics!

The perfect accessory from Ikea for picnics

It now remains to see the ideal product for your picnics. And as much to warn you right away, you did not know him until now. And this one wasn’t part either of the best sales of the past year. No, the Swedish firm has just put it on the market.

It’s du LÄTTUGGAD. Or more simply, without a complicated Ikea name, a stainless steel snack container. This will allow you to put the prepared food and keep it safe. To prevent insects from getting on it, for example.

On the technical side, the product sold by the Swedish firm measures 12 cm in diameter. In addition, this container is perfect for storing any food. And so take it with you to any outdoor location.

In addition to this, Ikea ensures a perfect sealing of its design. Thanks to its lid, your container will not open. You will therefore be able to transport it wherever you want without worrying.

Whether in your bag for example, or even the trunk of a car. Indeed, even when taking turns, if the box moves around, it should not open for all that. The price of this product is 4.99 euros.


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