Ikea unveils its ultra stylish collection with a thousand and one colors!

Ikea is unanimous thanks to a new ultra-stylish collection in a thousand and one colors. Objects that are likely to create a buzz.

Good news for decorating enthusiasts. Ikea has just unveiled an ultra stylish collection with a thousand and one colors. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A price hike at Ikea

Since its beginnings in the furniture market, Ikea has had only one goal in mind. That of offering quality furniture to its customers. And this, for a very affordable price.

From the kitchen to the bedroom to the dining room, the Swedish company allows happy owners and other tenants to give a comfortable look at their accommodation.

Bad luck, the brand recently announced terrible news. Indeed, the furniture giant has indeed taken the decision to increase its prices.

A 9% increase which risk of making consumers react. Last Thursday, December 30, Ingka Group revealed the details of this choice:

“For the first time since higher costs began to affect the global economy, we are going to have to pass on some cost increases on our customers.«

Words reported by France Info. In addition, the group added: “Like many other sectors, Ikea continues to face significant constraints on transport and raw materials which drive up costs, with no pause envisaged in the near future. »

According to information from our colleagues, “disruptions are expected for most of 2022. » But do not panic ! During this sales period, Ikea has chosen to offer its loyal customers many reductions.

You will therefore have understood this, if you intend to invest in new furniture, it is time. Moreover, the firm has even just unveiled an ultra-stylish collection with a thousand and one colors. MCE TV tells you more!

An extraordinary new collection

Ikea is always on top when it comes to decoration. So much so that the brand has just caused a sensation on social networks. And this, thanks to a whole new collection.

” When Swedish design meets oriental culture, it gives… HEMBJUDEN! A collection of a thousand and one colors that will make you dream of a thousand and one nights. »

This is what the two-color sign was writing on his Instagram account in order to present essential objects for a cozy atmosphere.

Starting with a cushion from the Hembjuden range. A multicolored pillow with a dimension of 50 cm x 50 cm sold at a low price. In fact, the latter is available at only 4.99 euros.

Either, a real bargain! But that’s not all. Ikea also offers its loyal customers get a white and black dish of the same range.

A perfect little object to receive guests. By the way, this one is also sold at a ridiculous price. Hold on tight, this is about paying the modest sum of 19.99 euros.

Finally, the last item in the collection, and not the least. A block candle lantern at 35 euros. There is no denying that Ikea is really at the top level of decoration. It remains to be seen what the brand still has in store for us…


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