Ikea unveils a desk at 45 euros designed for very small rooms!

Good news if you have a small apartment! The Ikea brand unveils a desk at 45 euros designed for very small rooms!

Ikea has a new office at 45 euros designed for very small parts ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

How to save space with Ikea?

As we have told you many times before, it is common to find solutions at Ikea in lack of space at home. Without surprise.

In this medium, we have told you about a few already. Some of them already know you, while others have you surprised as much as us.

Options which, in addition, house other properties such as the quality of their materials, very reasonable prices and a design that can be combined with almost everything. The best, right?

Indeed, few brands like Ikea know how to combine these virtues so well in a balance that has made them successful. Today therefore no exception to the rule.

An example of these Ikea products is the Norbo folding table. Ikea has indeed released a new desk ideal for smaller spaces.

A versatile office ideal for small rooms, which can also serve as an auxiliary as a dining table in any room.

This Norbo desk from Ikea therefore consists of a folding wall table which measures 79cm wide, 59cm deep. When folded has a maximum depth of only 8 cm, leaving a surface on which you can place a few objects.

And it displays a birch wood finish, a very resistant material. You will understand: the Norbo desk from Ikea has many uses.

This Norbo table is ideal for different uses. It is perfect for the kitchen or as an auxiliary in the living room. But also for the office or for small rooms.

With a simple movement, you will appear and disappear. This by saving all the space when you are not using it.

Ikea unveils a desk at 45 euros designed for very small rooms!
Ikea unveils a desk at 45 euros designed for very small rooms!

The Norbo model: useful and practical

The installation of this Norbo desk from Ikea is very simple. In fact, all you have to do is screw it to the wall at the right height, so that the top edge of the board i.e. at a height of 74 cm.

But that’s not all ! You can also place it at the height of a bar counter. In this case, you need to screw the table to a height of between 95 or 106 cm.

The result will be a sturdy folding table can accommodate two people. Ikea also specifies that its quality is optimal.

Indeed, the surface of the table has been tested many times. The goal ? ” Make sure she resistant to liquids, stains from food, oil, heat, scratches and shocks« .

Either way, you should keep in mind that the manufacturer of this Ikea table recommends reviewing the screws two weeks after installation and tightening them further if necessary. And this also underlines that it is focused on the port and the interiors.

As for its price, it is mini! This multipurpose folding desk Ikea costs only 45 euros, both on site and in physical stores.


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