Ikea: Top 3 decoration ideas to decorate your dressing table!

When it comes to decor, Ikea never runs out of ideas. Here are 3 tips to make your hairdresser a dream place to make yourself a beauty!

At Ikea, there is no shortage of good decorating ideas. To make your dressing table an ideal place, the firm has several tips in store. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Top 3 Ikea products to beautify your dressing table

The holidays are approaching at the speed of light. At Ikea too, preparations for Christmas and New Year’s Day are in full swing. And gift ideas are currently jostling in stores.

Indeed, offering a product from the Scandinavian brand is always successful. Under the tree this year, do not hesitate to slide for your loved ones a gift from the Swedish brand.

A beautiful plaid, a pretty candle or a cushion with graphic patterns will make an ideal present to offer. But before Santa Claus arrives, you can also treat yourself to a little shopping spree at Ikea.

The brand always has something new or a great classic to make us appreciate. This month, it is a question of embellishing your dressing table. If you have one, now is the time to do some shopping to make it unique.

This piece of furniture that is very useful to us sometimes tends not to have a very original look. But that’s without counting on Ikea which in no time will transform this piece of furniture to your image.

The LEDSJÖ wall lamp

Often our hairdresser does not have a light to be able to illuminate us properly. It is indeed essential to have good light when you look at yourself in your mirror.

Bad lighting quickly gives us dark circles or bad looks. This is why we should not hesitate to invest in a good lamp or a few bulbs to address the problem.

It’s done with the reference LEDSJÖ sold at Ikea. This LED wall light consists of five powerfully luminous bulbs. To be fixed on either side of your dressing table or your bathroom mirror, it will illuminate you to perfection.

The FLINTAN chair

To be able to put on make-up or do your hair with ease, you have to be well seated. This is the goal with this FLINTAN chair. This Ikea office chair has armrests that ensure perfect sitting comfort.

This beautiful piece also has an openwork backrest and casters to take it around your room. Adjustable in height, it even has covers that can be removed to be machine washed.

The KUGGIS storage tray

Are you looking for a perfect accessory to store your jewelry or your makeup? Ikea has therefore created this tray with eight storage compartments.

With this model, you can store everything perfectly. This KUGGIS storage tray can also integrate one of the drawers of your dressing table to gain even more space.

Here is an accessory which will also perfectly integrate your bathroom. You can place your hairbrushes, barrettes or even your samples of creams and perfumes there to always find them in the right place!


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