Ikea: this new bag for less than 6 euros grabs everything on its way!

Ikea offers you a great accessory at a low price that is causing a stir on Twitter. All the fashionistas are snapping it up!

On the social network TikTok, the new bag from Ikea caused a sensation. Several fashionistas praise its merits, and especially its price! At less than 6 euros, it’s a bargain. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Ikea: a strategy that pays off

Since the Swede Ingvar Kamprad used his father’s money to create Ikea in 1943, he has turned the world of decoration upside down. Indeed, the company is now one of the largest firms in the world.

To guarantee such success, Ikea had a strategy: that of organizing its store in a certain way, so that the customer is obligatedé to buy a product on its way. The former boss of the box said more.

He then ensures that the arrangement of the rays is not a coincidence. It is therefore a strategy to make you spend more. The goal is therefore to make you fall in love with taking you through all these paths.

And this, even if you had no intention of buying anything. Moreover, the former Ikea boss also confided that prices are a key factor pto make you spend more.

If you see a product at a low price, and another one next to it, de better quality and only 10€ more, then your choice will be quickly made. There is no doubt, the firm has really thought of everything!

At Ikea, you can find everything. Furniture for the bedroom, curtains for the bathroom, chairs for the kitchen. But also lamps, blankets, vases… And even the huge mirror sold for only 80 euros.

@flexreasonably But hence 😳😳😳😳 #fypシ #ikea #foryou #paris #crossbodybag ♬ dead gang – qubelly🗽

An accessory that is unanimous on TikTok

In short, there is really everything to decorate your home as you wish. But know that there are also fashion accessories. Indeed, TikTok users touted a black Ikea bag.

There are so many videos about this Ikea bag that it has already caused crowds in the brand’s stores. The reason ? This is an item you can wear every day.

To go to class, or to work thanks to the shoulder strap which provides good support. This nugget from Ikea is none other than the OBEGRÄNSAD model in the brand’s catalog.

On the site, the room would be intended for “people who move often”. The bag is therefore “light, flexible and resistant”. Know that it is then a collab with the group of Swedish music Swedish House Mafia.

Inside, there is a pocket large enough to store your computer. Not bad, isn’t it! There are also two other pockets to store all your stuff. And its size is adjustable.

Considering the many posts on TikTok, this Ikea bag is already out of stock on the site. Internet users add that it looks like the Balenciaga model: “Buy as much as possible before Balenciaga makes you a 1500 euro version”, “soon at Balenciaga”.

But it’s not the same price! Because this bag is only 6 euros!


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