Ikea launches its anti-noise curtain to shower discreetly!

The Ikea firm has just put on sale a noise-reducing curtain which, as its name suggests, will allow you to stay calm without worry.

Tired of hearing cars pass down your street? Install double glazing. However, some do not always have the means to do so. So if this is the case, fall back on the new noise barrier from Ikea.

Find comfort in your bedroom

Indeed, it is not never nice to hear noise from outside. Especially when looking for sleep. The bedroom remains a place of rest. And for this, no noise should be heard. But in addition to offering a curtain to help you remain silent, the Swedish firm also provides on other points.

As you can imagine, you can find everything at Ikea to furnish your bedroom. And add the comfort you want. You can even find sofas there that can transform your living room in a luxury hotel room.

Besides that, you can also find there headboards for dressing your space and make it even prettier. Because yes, sleeping in a comfortable bed is good, but giving it style is even better.

In short, you can find your happiness at Ikea and have been for a very long time. As the company always thinks about your happiness, so it thought to put on sale curtains that will help you sleep better.

At first, these will allow you to hide the light that is a little too present. And, icing on the cake, reduce the noise you will hear. In other words, an essential object to be able to sleep well.

Noise-cancelling curtains from Ikea

Just like a duvet that keeps you warm. Indeed, it is good not to hear any more noise or to sleep on a comfortable mattress… But not being cold is just as much. With the temperatures becoming lower and lower, it has become essential to cover yourself well.

Good news, Ikea has just put on sale a duvet that will allow you to stop being cold. To learn more about this product, nothing could be simpler. Just click here and discover the article we have devoted to this subject.

When it comes to curtains, there are several things to know. In effect, you confrères us from El Nacional explain that it is the GUNNLAUG model. They therefore absorb external noise. But on top of that, they also absorb heat for the coming summer.

Good news that will prevent you from dying of heat. It is thanks to its combination of chenille yarns that the effect occurs. Available in white or gray, their dimensions remain 145 by 300 cm. Sufficient size to cover large areas.

It remains to know the price of the product. Count less than 100 euros to get your hands on it. However, you will have to pay 69.99 euros at Ikea to have them. A substantial sum, but which should help you for the most difficult days. And we remind you that it will always cost less than installing double glazing in your home.


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