Ikea launches a new sensor to analyze air quality!

The year 2023 is off to a flying start at Ikea. And for good reason, a sensor that analyzes the quality of the air arrives.

The Ikea teams have imagined a product that should make people happy. In effect, a sensor to analyze the air quality arrives on the shelves. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Ikea redoubles its creativity

Ikea teams never seem lacking in imagination. While they want to please their loyal customers, the latter redouble their creativity to design and imagine new products. To the delight of decoration enthusiasts.

Moreover, lately, the teams seem double down. As the needs and desires of customers evolve, a large number of innovative and super creative novelties are landing on the shelves of Ikea stores.

Starting with a sofa with multiple functions. Although it often seems very difficult to find the perfect sofa, the group offers customers a model as practical as it is aesthetic. Following his great success, it stands out today as a best-seller of the brand. Just that !

But that’s not all. Ikea also tries to meet the storage needs of its customers. While some need to advise with small gaps, the group seems to have the solution. And yes, he really leaves nothing to chance and never ceases to surprise his customers!

But today, it is with a product of a completely different genre that Ikea strikes once again very hard. Indeed, the brand sells a sensor capable of analyzing air quality. MCE TV tells you more!

Ikea launches a new sensor to analyze air quality!

An air sensor lands on the shelves

The year 2023 promises to be rich in novelties for IKEA. While its teams are working tirelessly to offer the best possible products, the brand’s loyal customers can unearth little nuggets. Something to delight them.

If Ikea has accustomed its customers to its super practical furniture and its very creative decoration, the group is now making a name for itself on the high-tech market. Between its connected lamps and its speakers, the brand pulls out all the stops.

But today it’s the turn of a sensor able to analyze air quality to make its appearance. Capable of detecting particles in the air, it can also indicate the temperature and humidity present. Just that !

But why analyze fine particles? In reality, these can have a significant impact on the eyes but also the airways. Thus, they can promote or cause allergic attacks as well as asthma attacks.

As a reminder, for a little over a year, an air sensor has been available from Ikea. Faced with the success of the product, the brand decided to rethink it and propose an improved version of the latter. This new connected version then bears the name of Wind strength.

The sensor is powered by a rechargeable battery via a USB-C port. In addition, regarding its operation, a color scale makes it possible to clearly indicate the quality of the air. Thus, when the rate of microns per cubic meter is 35 μg/m³, the cursor is positioned on the green color. It then turns yellow when the value increases between 35 and 120 μg/m³. Finally, the latter turns red when the rate is above 120 μg/m³. In short, it is impossible to make it any clearer!

One thing is certain, Ikea has not finished doing very well. To be continued.


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