Ikea and Renault are working on an electric car… in a kit

Ikea and Renault joined forces to develop the first electric car kit. A self-assembly vehicle which is only a concept for the moment. However, it is difficult to imagine that such a machine could one day find its way onto the roads.

IKEA's kit car
Ryan Schlotthauer

Lately, Ikea had been talked about by offering a line of furniture specially intended for gamers. Always keen to expand its offer, the Swedish giant is now tackling a very different segment: that of electric cars. To do this, the firm has teamed up with Renault and with designer Ryan Schlotthauer (who has notably already worked with Cadillac). He has just published visuals of his concept on Instagram, to say the least daring.

Because if it ends up coming true, this electric car will have the particularity of being in a kit. So you will have to assemble it yourself like when you buy a Billy bookcase from the furniture giant. With one notable difference: the task promises to be much more difficult since there will still be no less than 374 parts to assemble to build it. And the slightest mistake during assembly could cause traffic accidents.

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Ikea / Renault car: an interesting concept that still needs to be approved

We will therefore have to wait to see if the car will be approved by the competent authorities. If necessary, it is thus probable that the perilous assembly of the elements under the hood (engine, batteries, etc.) will be carried out upstream by the two firms. Named Höga, it will be completely electric and will have very compact dimensions, namely 2.3 meters in length and 1.8 meters in height. Note that there will be space for a wheelchair for people with disabilities.

However, it will be necessary to wait a few months before knowing if this car can be produced. In the event of final approval, this pocket car is expected to sell for 5300 euros. A very attractive price that could appeal to more than one. Want to see exactly what this amazing vehicle could look like? Here is a video that shows her miniature curves.



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