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In recent years, the average price of the mobile plan has grown quite steadily. With the deployment of the 5G network in France, operators have been forced to pass the cost of their heavy investments on to mobile subscriptions. Many customers have also seen the price of their package increase overnight, without any real explanation.

Fortunately, there are still solutions to find a mobile plan at an advantageous rate. That said, sometimes you have to be very patient and you have to know how to dig in the bottom of the net to find the rare pearl. To simplify your work, we found the good deal of the moment: a subscription with Prixtel at 4.99 euros per month which includes 20 GB. As a bonus, it is non-binding.

I take advantage of the offer

This mobile plan is one of a kind

In addition to the price of this mobile plan which is very convincing, it is the very principle of this subscription that seduced us. In this case, it is a package that adapts to everyone’s needs. You are therefore not stuck with a rigid subscription with allowances and a defined price (which can however explode if you go outside the package).

At Prixtel, for example, you go with this package which includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 20 GB of data for 4.99 euros per month. To this, the operator also gives you an envelope of 10 GB per month which you can use in the EU and the DOM. So this allows you to make getaways without having to worry about hidden costs.

This mobile package called Le petit then comes with levels that replace the extra-package. In this case, it can switch you to two higher data levels if necessary. It has nothing to do with the extra package since the prices are always very affordable. Rather, it should be seen as a 3-in-1 subscription. Below, we have detailed each of the levels:

  • 0 to 20 GB: 4.99 euros per month
  • 20 to 30 GB: 7.99 euros per month
  • 30 to 40 GB: 9.99 euros per month

If every month you use less than 20 GB, it will cost you no more than 4.99 euros. If occasionally you need an additional envelope, Prixtel will switch you to one of the upper levels. Be careful, the following month, you can go down to the level below 4.99 euros. You will never be stuck on more expensive plans.

I take advantage of the Le petit offer

Several points should be known with this Prixtel mobile plan. The first is that this subscription is non-binding. You can therefore terminate whenever you want, you will never be constrained by his offer. Then, you should know that the MVNO uses the SFR network for its offer. This allows you to access one of the best networks in France at an unbeatable price (not even available at SFR direct).

Prixtel prices

The Le petit © Prixtel package

Finally, it should also be remembered that this is an ephemeral offer which is put forward by Prixtel. The mobile plan sees this price guaranteed for the first year. Beyond this period, the MVNO will increase the price of each level by 5 euros. In other words, the 20 GB of data will then cost you 9.99 euros per month at the end of year 2. However, it is still very competitive and it has the merit of being very transparent.

A plan with a lot of data

The above mobile plan should correspond to an archi majority of the French population. Now there are user profiles who have a very strong need for mobile data (for games, videos, connection sharing etc.). If you are one of them, the MVNO has a second solution. In its range there is a second convincing subscription. From a value for money point of view, we can even consider that it is even more attractive.

This package also includes all calls and SMS unlimited. For data, you will have 100 GB for 9.99 euros per month. The two upper levels are 150 and 200 GB and they are respectively at 14.99 and 19.99 euros per month. You can compare with your current subscription, you may be surprised by the quality of this offer.

But Prixtel does not stop there with this mobile plan. Indeed, it is also compatible with the 5G network. If you have a 5G-capable smartphone and are in a covered area, this is a great choice. No other player in the telecoms sector offers a 5G compatible package for less than 10 euros per month. It is therefore in your best interest to take advantage of it as long as it is available. Tuesday evening, Prixtel puts a definitive end to this formula.

He, too, is not subject to any long-term commitment and he too sees his price being insured for the first year. Whatever mobile plan you take from MVNO, know that it will be carbon neutral. The operator has chosen to offset all of its customers’ emissions by planting trees. It’s a nice gesture for the planet and it deserves a minimum of recognition.

To discover the Prixtel package, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Le grand offer

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