If these photos are to be believed, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will explode in night photography

Galaxy S23 Ultra © © Nieuwe Mobiel

© Nieuwe Mobiel

Photos taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra give us a glimpse of its capabilities in night mode, zoom and with the front camera.

The Galaxy S23 series will be launched on the 1er February 2023, but a unit of the highest-end model, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, has already ended up in the hands of a certain Edwards Urbina, a user in Nicaragua. This one shared photos taken with the smartphone, and the result is rather impressive.

A very effective night mode

The Galaxy S23 Ultra stands out for the quality of its photos taken in low light environments. Comparative shots taken without and with the night mode seem to indicate that the latter is particularly efficient on this generation.

From a photo where we see almost nothing except the stars in the sky without using the night mode, we manage to distinguish very clearly the vegetation and the buildings with the night mode activated.

If the richness of detail and the precision of the colorimetry are not perfect, the night mode of the Galaxy S23 Ultra allows at least to capture much more light and to offer usable image renderings.

Let’s add that the compression used by Twitter may not honor the photos shared here. Moreover, it would be interesting to know how quickly the smartphone is able to produce such shots with the night mode activated, since it is often necessary to remain motionless for a certain time to obtain valid results with this feature.

Also efficient in zoom and selfie?

The Galaxy S23 Ultra should not be impressive only in night photography. We also expect excellent zoom capabilities from this smartphone. Edwards Urbina compared the x30 zoom of the mobile with the zoom of the Pixel 7 Pro. We find that the colors of the S23 Ultra tend to saturate, but the image is less blurry and more detailed.

Finally, still facing the Pixel 7 Pro, the Galaxy S23 Ultra seems to benefit from a more faithful front camera which smoothes the facial features less. Of course, we don’t know the shooting conditions, and we can’t wait to test the smartphone ourselves to get a better idea of ​​the real capabilities of Samsung’s new flagship.

Sources: Wccftech, Edwards Urbina on Twitter


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