Iceland mocks Facebook Metavers in hilarious video

For a few weeks now, Facebook, which has become Meta, has been teasing its Metavers project enormously. It would be a kind of embodied Internet, where users would become actors in a virtual universe thanks to a headset. Applications could be made in particular at the level of teleworking or e-commerce.

The images of Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation have been around the world and it has given some ideas. Iceland has therefore proposed its own version, “the Icelandverse”, in an attempt to encourage local tourism. Throughout this hilarious promotional clip, we can see a man, who looks like the boss of Facebook, listing the assets of a visit to the country.

A parody of the Metavers that hits the mark

Not without humor, the presenter explains that Iceland “ is completely immersive, with water that gets wet. With humans who meet. “He also offers an approach to connect the world” without it being super weird “. He finally promises to let you see reality without having to wear “A bit silly helmet”.

In the end, the video hits the mark since it has already been viewed more than 3.6 million times on Twitter and has nearly 900,000 views on YouTube. Many Internet users have shared this moment and we can already say that it is a very good marketing stunt on the part of Iceland.

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In general, the Metavers proposed by Facebook / Meta does not have very good press for the time being. We recently told you about the rather vehement words of the former Facebook employee, Frances Haugen on this subject. Asked during the Web Summit in Lisbon, she explained in particular: “ Again and again, Facebook chooses to expand into new areas rather than stick with what it has already done. I find this unacceptable … More resources need to be devoted to basic security systems. (…) Instead of investing to ensure that their platforms are a minimum safe, they are about to hire 10,000 engineers. I can’t imagine this making any sense. »



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