Hunt: Showdown will be entitled to its serial adaptation

The good news of the day

Hunt: Showdown, a completely crazy and resurrecting game from Crytek studio, is one of the most exciting multiplayer games of recent years. Its artistic direction in particular as well as its management of sound effects make it a very exotic title to say the least. Binge, a new platform specializing in video game adaptations), has just announced that the license will be entitled to its série live action.

Crytek side, Avni Yerli, Faruk Yerli et Pascal Tonecker will be executive producers of the show; on the Binge side, it will be Vincent Talenti and Allan Ungar will be production managers.

Avin Yerli, founder of Crytek and co-CEO, is “looking forward to seeing what the Binge team can create” in a world that is “dark, raw and immersive, and there is so much potential for many great stories to be told.” “

For its part, the game continues its good history with new regular updates and a good player base. If you haven’t had a chance to land on Hunt: Showdown yet, get it to the top of your list right away.


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