Humanoid Ameca gives robotics a face (and it’s scary)

The future face of robotics is creepy. After Sophia, the gynoid who was the first to receive state nationality in 2017, here is Ameca. And if we are impressed by the technology that drives this new humanoid robot, we can only have a small ball in the stomach as it is realistic.

Say hello to Ameca (or not)

Leading humanoid robot maker in the UK, Engineered Arts has introduced its new baby. His name is Ameca and he’s way too realistic for our tastes. In a short video, Ameca greets us. If it starts with a good intention, we have a few chills. We are both admirers in front of his fluid and almost natural movements, but worried. Especially when he smiles at us as if he is going to suck our soul …

Indeed, Ameca made the buzz on the Internet because of his facial expressions. They are detailed and realistic. Too much. Much more than what we have seen so far. Indeed, the humanoid robots, although impressive and realistic, kept this aspect “robotic” say. But Ameca looks too much like us. He even blinks, when he doesn’t need to!

This feeling of unease when we are in front of a robot very strongly resembling a human being, it is a phenomenon called “uncanny valley” (or valley of the strange). In fact, our brain panics because there is something in front of it that seems to be a human, which ticks all the boxes of the human being in a way, but which is not one and we know it. basically. There is cognitive dissonance and that makes us angry.

Called the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, Ameca is available for sale or rental. And if you are a fan of science fiction, you know that you should be wary of robots … Fortunately, Ameca does not know how to walk yet. As long as it is static, we are fine with it.


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