Huge Apex Legends bug constantly crashes the game

Apex Legends players find themselves completely baffled by a bug. This returns Ash to the main menu after using his ultimate ability.

With the start of Season 11 of Apex Legends, the familiar face of Ash from Titanfall has been introduced into the battle royale. What’s more, she immediately became one of the benchmark legends for many gamers.

Incisor Instigator’s ultimate, Phasic Rupture, is for some players a replacement for Wraith. Indeed, this ultimate allows to open a one-sided portal and teleport to the other side with ease.

However, as many in the community have seen, there are areas of Apex Legends that don’t mix well with Phasic Break.

Ash Apex Legends
Prime Gaming / Respawn Entertainment

Ash is Apex Legends’ latest legend.

Ash’s Ultimate bug spoils matches

The problem was highlighted by u / Bruhmobile231. This Apex Legends fan, has shown that when he uses Ash’s ultimate ability, he is teleported to the main menu rather than to the area of ​​their choice.

Some players have suggested that this must be a bug with the animation of the Ultimate ability. For others, it is a problem of recognizing the teleportation area. Since the Ultimate has problems with calculating teleportation zones, the second theory seems the most plausible.

Regardless, the author of the original article indicated that he was able to reproduce this issue time and time again. And that he had obtained the same result: he found himself again in the main menu.

Naturally, some players took the opportunity to poke fun at this problem. “Teleported to the lobby”said an amused gamer.

As of this writing, the developers have yet to address this particular issue. Even so, if he continues to affect players, chances are they will soon.


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