How To Use The Motion Controls On The Nintendo Switch In Skyrim

How To Use The Motion Controls On The Nintendo Switch In Skyrim:

Controls for motion. Since it came out, the Wii has been Nintendo’s passion and an inconvenience for their players. There are some great ways to use the function, but there have also been just as many bad ways.

The Nintendo Switch version of The Elder Scrolls V┬áSkyrim is somewhere in the middle. The motion controls add something, but they also make the game harder to play. Here’s how to turn off or on motion controls within Skyrim for Switch.

The Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim is an excellent method to start playing the famous open-world RPG. The Joy-Cons can also be used to control the game with movements. So, when players take on the role of the Dragonborn, they may utilize the controllers like a sword.

Only the version of Skyrim that is exclusive to the Switch has support for motion controls. With hand action, you can do a lot of different things, like fight with a weapon or use magic. In this tutorial, we explain how to set up and use Skyrim’s motion tools.

How To Turn Motion Controls On:

To get to the main screen in Skyrim, players must first hit the “+” button. From there, they can turn on or off the motion controllers for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons. Go to “Systems” and turn “Enable Motion Controls” on or off.

Joy-Con Controls For Battle:

Here are all of Skyrim’s motion features for the Joy-Cons of the Nintendo Switch.

Swing Soft/Hard How To USe
Left Swing Soft Using the left swing, players can both depend and attack. Swinging will bring up with weapon or the shield equipped to that hand.
Right Swing Soft Like the left swing, using a soft right swing will activate the weapon or shield equipped to the right hand.
Left Swing Hard By swinging forcefully, players will be able to execute a more powerful attack.
Right Swing Hard Swing harder to deal a more powerful blow using the right handed sword or shield.

Skyrim Change Controls For Magic And Bow Motion:

You may utilize motion controls for aim within Skyrim on Switch when you use magic or a bow. Spells are aimed with motion control using the Joy-Con you employ to release the power using ZL or ZR.

If you use two Joy-Cons to cast at the same time, your direction will be controlled by the one you used first.

Skyrim Motion Controls For Switch And Lock Picking:

On Switch, you can pick locks in Skyrim by moving the Joy-Cons. As you pick the lock, the rumble on the Joy-Cons lets you know when the pick scrapes against the tumblers.

Left Joy-Con Hold ZL and twist the Joy-Con to rotate the pick
Right Joy-Con Hold ZR and twist the Joy-Con to turn the lock


In Skyrim Switch, Should You Employ Motion Controls?

Even though it’s nice that the Switch version of Skyrim has motion controls, the big question was whether or not you ought to employ them. No, is the short answer, but sometimes is the slightly longer answer.

Even though I wouldn’t suggest using a Joy-Con to swing a blade or protect yourself alongside a shield unless you’re into that kind of thing, shooting with the Joy-Cons is easy and quick because there is a delay between the move and what happens in the game.

It is best to use motion-control shooting if you are able to become used to it. If you want to enjoy Skyrim on the Switch while holding it in your hand, you can’t use motion controls because it wouldn’t make sense to swing the whole thing around.


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