How To Stay Alive And Figure Out Puzzles In Amnesia The Bunker

How To Stay Alive And Figure Out Puzzles In Amnesia The Bunker:

Put everything you think you knew regarding Brennenburg Castle out of your mind. Amnesia The Bunker was a different kind of ball game because it has a whole new set of tasks and animals that live in the shadows to deal with.

Read on if you want to stay ahead of the newly adopted learning curve and be ready to fight when it starts. Here are five of the best tips for getting through the new survival horror episode from Frictional Games.

In Amnesia, players enter a world below the surface. The Bunker is scary and scary-looking. The last thing they’d like to do is depart from the security of the Administration Room as well as go outside to look for fuel or the equipment they need to escape.

So, we put jointly this list of helpful hints and techniques to help anybody have an easier time travelling, solving problems, or trying to find a goal that doesn’t want to be found.

Hints And Tips:

Here are the best hints and tips we picked up while played Amnesia The Bunker. We wish we had known about a lot of these ideas earlier in the game, so new players who want to have an easy time underground should pay attention.

Keys Were So Yesterday:

Early on in the game, you’ll find out that The Bunker is full of wooden doors and air systems that don’t work very well. The good thing is that, unlike many puzzle games that call for a PIN or a unique key, most of these places can be opened just by trying them over and over again.

Even though the game gives you different ways to get to different places, most places are easy to get to when you come across a brick or marble slab.

In a nutshell, when you come up against a locked door, always look around for something you can throw at it. There’s a good chance that two good hits are going to knock it off its springs.

On the other hand, steel doors as well as lockers are often locked with numbers. You will discover these on the back of the dog tags of troops who have died.

When releasing these codes, make sure to write down the numbers before going on to the next objective. If you don’t, you might lose them if you die before you reach your next goal. If you open your collection and scroll to the page on the far right, you can see the information you’ve gathered.

Gather A Lot Of Fuel As You Can:

When the lights are on, it’s much easier to look around the cave. As the game goes on, players should flip every switch to light up the hallways they’re going down. But all of this takes up fuel, so there isn’t always enough to grow.

Players should do their best to get fuel cans and bring them return to the Administration Room. If they can’t put them anywhere else, they should put them in the box there.

Even though it’s hard to tell which other things are best to take around, we discovered that we wouldn’t get anywhere wrong by dropping anything over a fuel can. It gave us light whenever we needed and at the same time kept The Beast away.

Don’t Throw Away Your Gun:

It turns out that you can’t kill either the beast that roams the network or the rats that appear between rooms. So, if you imagined yourself emptying a whole clip of shots into the bad guy as well as standing over its dead body, you might want to think again.

As things stand, all you can accomplish with what resources you have is briefly stop the monster. This will give you a brief opportunity to run away and find a place to hide. The good news is that just one shot can kill the beast, so try rather than to pull the gun too quickly when you see it.

No matter what, you should only use your handgun as a last option, no matter how bad the situation is. If you are able to assist it, don’t use your bullets.

Instead, look for other ways to protect yourself, like meat to confuse enemies or a fire. If you have to, use your bullets on the animal and never on something as fragile as an oak door. If you’re lucky, you’ll have about twenty guns to use in the bunker, so make each shot count.

Don’t Use The Generator Too Often:

When Henri flees the Administration Room, it seems like a good idea to turn on the generator. But this will use up fuel quickly, so it’s best to think about what to do afterwards depending on whether it needs fuel.

For example, to move the game forward in the next big area, the generator has to be running, so the Beast was quieter. But going to the nearby Mission Storage Room to open a few boxes can be completed in the dark without the generator at all, and it’s safe to do so.

Learn The Map Of The Bunker:

Amnesia The Bunker was hard when users try to figure out which way to go. As players explore, maps from each important area are uploaded to the main map in the Administration Room.

Pay attention and learn these plans so that you can find your way around as quickly and easily as possible in the future. When the lights go dark and The Beast is after Henri, it’s important to know which way to go to stay alive.

Don’t Ignore Your Wounds:

Even if you just got a small cut or a bump on the head, if you’re seeing red, there’s a good chance you’re also bleeding and leaving a trail of blood.

Not only does this let the beast know where you are, but it also makes a bunch of rats gather around you. To stop this from happening, you should treat any cuts as soon as you get a break from your busy attackers.

Like many survival games, The Bunker has a simple making system which lets you put together cloth to make a fake first aid kit. You can find these just about anywhere within the game, but we had the most fun near the Soldier’s Quarters as well as the Infirmary.

Once you have enough fuel tanks for the generator room, do yourself a treat as well as stock up on first aid items. You’ll be glad you did it in the long run, trust us


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