How To Start GTA Online’s Last Dose Missions

How To Start GTA Online’s Last Dose Missions:

The Last Dose, the last portion of the Los Santos Drug Wars update, has brought Grand Theft Auto Online back to life.

As the final part of this update, players are going to complete 5 action-packed missions with a lot of guns and drugs. Players could be wondering how to get started with the Last Dose missions.

With the Los Santos Drug Wars update, a lot of new content has been added to GTA Online, and the Last Dose missions are finally here. Our guide will explain how and where to start the game’s missions.

New Ways To Make Extra Money:

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC gave GTA Online players a lot of new things to try, like Taxi Work, which gives you another way to make money, and the Gun Van, where you can buy weapons.

There Are Now Five New Missions:

Now, 5 new The Very last Dose missions have indeed been introduced to the online game. These missions will pick up where the first 6 missions of this DLC left off and continue the story. We’ll talk about how to start these missions.

Missions Starting With The Last Dose:

In GTA Online, you have to finish all 6¬†of The First Dose missions before you can play The Last Dose missions. You can’t get to the Last Dose missions if you haven’t completed the First Dose missions.

So, players will be able to do the Last Dose missions after they’ve met Dax for the first time as well as finished the 6 First Dose missions.

When you have finished all of the First Dose missions, Dax will call you in free mode and inform you to meet him in the Freak-shop. The story of The Last Dose would then start when they meet him.

  1. BDKD
  2. FriedMind
  3. This is an Intervention
  4. Checking In
  5. Unusual Suspects

Even if you finish the all quests in The First Dose, you might not always get a call from Dax. To fix this, you will need to locate an alternate session and start wandering around in free mode. Eventually, he will call you.

You can also start the game over and go back to Grand Theft Auto Online. This will definitely make Dax call you, and you’ll be capable of playing missions from The Last Dose.


As with most quests in GTA Online, if you finish The Last Dose missions, you can get clothes, cars, and even the Ocelot Virtue supercar as rewards.


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