How To Start A Hen Farm In Valheim Everything You Need To Know About Hen

How To Start A Hen Farm In Valheim Everything You Need To Know About Hen:

Hens are a useful farm animal that Nordic explorers might want to keep at their base camp. This creature isn’t dangerous, and it gives Valheim a lot of Feathers & Chicken Meat. Most of the time, feathers are used to make arrows & bolts for ranged combat, & chicken meat is used to make a tasty dish called Honey Glazed Chicken.

Remember that Hens can only drop Chicken Meat if they are killed with a Butcher Knife, which is used to kill tamed animals. You can buy Hens for your house from Haldor, the Dwarven Trader of the Black Forest, if you buy Eggs from him.

Keeping Valheim chickens isn’t hard, but you have to know how to get eggs, build a pen, and make a warm place for the chicks to hatch.

To help you do that, we’ve put together everything you need to know about chickens & eggs, including how to get them, how to breed them, and where to get the right food for them once you have them.

In Valheim’s hard world, there are many ways for players to make their lives easier. The game could be made easier to play by building defences and setting up portals. One of the best ways to do this is to teach animals to do what you want. With the Mistlands update to Valheim, a new and interesting choice called the Hen has been added to the world.

How To Unlock Egg:

You need to kill Yagluth before you can buy the Egg from Haldor. Yagluth is that skeleton that comes out of the ground in the Plains biome if you haven’t finished the game yet. Fifth leader. Compared to the Bone Mass, it’s not too hard to deal with.

You can find Yagluth by going to the structures in Plains that look like Stonehenge or the Fuling Villages, which will tell you where Yagluth is. Yagluth can only be called with 5 Fuling Totems.

Getting The Egg:

Before we can build a chicken farm, which is our goal, we need to get the egg. Because you can’t have a Chicken without an Egg. The Egg came first in Valheim, so if anyone on the server asks you this riddle, you are now ready for that conversation as well.

Where In Valheim to Buy The Egg:

After you kill Yagluth, a friendly NPC named Haldor would gladly sell you the Egg for just 1500 Coins. You put away millions of coins while the Mistlands expansion was being made, right? RIGHT?! For the chickens to have babies, you need 2 eggs.

How To Build A Chicken Coop In Valheim:

Building a Chicken Coop Farm has a few pre-requisites:

  • It needs to be spacey
  • It needs to have a heat source to warm the eggs up, and later keep the chickens warm
  • It needs to have seeds for the chicken to eat, You Can Take any seed It Will work.
  • Make sure to have a door or another clever method of entering and leaving the coop that the chicken can’t use

How Ho Make Eggs Hatch:

If you put the eggs in a warm place for a few days, they would hatch into chicks. If you wait a few more days, these Chicks will turn into Hens. Make sure to feed them all the time by giving them seeds like onion seeds or turnip seeds.

In time, they will have babies & put more eggs for you to cook with. You could also shoot Hens to get Meat, that could be used to make Honey Glazed Chicken.

How To Have Chicks:

Every Chick will become a Hen. Within two days in the game, Chicken will become an adult. Two happy, well-fed hens can help you grow your farm by laying eggs. Remember how we said it should have a lot of space?

How To Craft Food From Hen Meat And Eggs:

  • Cooked Egg (in Cauldron)
  • Mushroom Omelette Level 5 Cauldron, 3 Eggs + 3 Jotun Puffs
    Mushroom Omelette is the 2nd best food for Stamina increase.
  • Cooked Chicken Meat Put the Meat onto a heat source for about half a minute and then take it off so that it doesn’t turn into Coal unless you need Coal.
  • Honey Glazed Chicken in Level 5 Cauldron, put Honey, Jotun Puff, and Chicken Meat, and then cook the Uncooked Honey Glazed Chicken that comes out.


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