How To Solve The Riddle Statue Puzzle In Diablo 4

How To Solve The Riddle Statue Puzzle In Diablo 4:

In Diablo 4, you will find riddle statues among the many secrets you will find as you explore the huge world of Sanctuary. These strange-looking figures can be found all over the Sanctuary. They are often hidden in small holes or spots next to side paths.

If you look closely, you’ll see that these Riddle Statues have words on them that are hard to read. When we figure these out, our players will get much-needed buffs, which might alter the game.

Players of Diablo 4 have to work hard to see everything in Sanctuary, as well as the quests that assist with build the world may be hard and complicated.

One of these is the Riddle Statue, which can be found all over Sanctuary and can give players prizes and helpful buffs with very little work.

Even though they might seem hard at first, once you figure out how to solve them, they are usually quick and easy. They won’t slow you down and will help you along the way.

How Do Riddle Statues Work?

Riddle Statues are quick games that players may discover all over Sanctuary as they go on their journeys. They are usually out of the way, within alcoves, caves, or small areas, and you can find them by the small bright sign that looks like a ring in front of them.

The Answer To Riddle Statues Is:

In Diablo 4, you’ll need to deal with the faded plates on the exterior of each Riddle Statue to solve it and turn it on. This will show part of the message, alongside a few keywords and a certain line in all bold letters.

From there, to solve it, you’ll need to execute a certain emote while stood on top of the figure. The message will give you a tip about what emote you need to use.

How It Works Let Me Give You An Example:

For example, a particular kind of message will say “Greet Death alongside open arms,” which needs the Hello control to finish. Players will get brief buffs or things such as loot, gold, or drinks when they do this.

To use an emote in Diablo 4 on PC, press the E key on your keyboard. This will bring up a wheel with different emotes in each section. Select the action you want with your mouse, click and the avatar will do it.

If you want to use an emote that isn’t there, click Customize within the emote wheel, select the emote tab within the menu, as well as add it to your emote wheel

Give Aid When you see the message “GIVE AID meek powerless,” use the Help emote to receive a temporary Barrier buff. This buff grants you a protective barrier, allowing you to withstand more damage.
Embolden When you see the message “EMBOLDEN soul unrelenting evil,” use the Cheer emote to gain a temporary Emboldened Spirit buff. This one summons a spirit companion to assist you in combat.
Greet When you encounter the “GREET Death open arms” message, use the Hello emote to acquire the Shadows’ Embrace buff. This buff grants you temporary invisibility, rendering you undetectable by enemies for a few seconds.
Provoke If you come across the message “dare PROVOKE ire fate,” use the Taunt emote to obtain the Unstoppable buff. This buff removes any movement debuffs and provides your character immunity for a limited time.
Atone When you see the word “ATONE,” use the Sorry emote to receive some potions.


How To Use Diablo  Emotes?

Using a move is a fairly easy thing to do. To open the Emote Wheel, all you have to do is hit the up button on the Controller as well as the E key on the computer. Then, you can use the needed emote to finish the statue puzzles.

To make changes to the emote wheel, you just need to get back to it by pressing the “E” button or the “up” arrow, based on the device. After that, you can choose the emote wheel or change it however you want.

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