How To Solve The Puzzle On The Alignment Control Centre Screen In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How To Solve The Puzzle On The Alignment Control Centre Screen In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can find the Alignment Control Centre, which is a big building. It’s a key place to visit when you’re visiting Koboh, and the Jedi from the High Republic used to run their missions from this area.

On the world Koboh, there are many places to find and explore in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. One of these places is the Alignment Control Centre, which has seven strange screens.

How To Unlock Alignment Control Centre Puzzle:

To finish the Alignment Control Centre puzzle within Jedi: Survivor, it’s necessary to solve all the meditation room tasks on Koboh and find all the related perks that are spread out across the world. Each screen shows how far along one of the rooms is in being finished.

If each of them is already green, it’s probably because you’ve already finished the room of Duality alongside Zed, which is the only room that’s important to the main story. The other pieces are not required, but they must be found to finish the puzzle.

When you first get to the Alignment Control Centre, there’s several computer screens within the main room, near the meditation point.

These computers are important pieces of a puzzle that you may figure out, but it’s a bit of a scary secret. It has to do with all of Koboh’s High Republic Chambers. Here’s what you need to know to solve the puzzle within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Alignment Control Centre.

Using The Alignment Control Center:

The computers located at the Alignment Control Centre are connected to the High Republic Chambers on Koboh in every way. In Jedi: Survivor, the only way to open and finish the High Republic Chambers that are spread around the planet was to find them in different places.

When you finish a High Republic room, these computers go from red to green, which is the same as turning them on. You are turning them on all over Koboh, which is a series of tests set up by the late Jedi of the High Republic, Santari Khri.

She existed when Dagan Gera became a Jedi in the High Republic. Dagan Gera was made for the main story of Jedi: Survivor.

You do find the initial High Republic Chamber as part of the primary narrative when you first save Zed, who is stuck under Rambler’s Reach Outpost within the Chamber of Duality near the beginning of Jedi: Survivor.

Talking to Toa is the most effective way to locate these High Republic Chambers.

When You Are Exploring The Basalt Forest You Find Toa:

You can find her in the wild as you explore the Basalt Forest. She will tell you that the Chamber of Reason is the initial High Republic spot you can find. You can finish it at that time or come back to it later in Jedi: Survivor.

No matter what you choose, Toa will come back to Pyloon’s Saloon, where you can talk to her and hear about the fresh High Republic room she’s found. Talk to her often, and as you progress through the main story within Jedi: Survivor, she’ll find more for you.

What Do You Get?

When you finish this game, you will get something. When you’re done with all of the High Republic Chambers, go back to the Alignment Control Centre Meditation point. Each computer should now be green.

At the single exit afterwards to the meditation point, you can now turn around. Using it will give you the prize Map Upgrade: Upgrades, which lets you see any unfound upgrades on your Holomap.

This is an excellent method to find any lost things for your collection that you might not have found yet in your Jedi: Survivor quest.

These will show up on your holomap, which will make it easy to find them all. In Jedi: Survivor, you don’t have to turn on the Alignment Control Centre to find them all. However, if you’re stuck on a few of them, it makes things a lot easier.


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