How To Solve Tears Of The Kingdom’s Orochium Shrine Puzzle

How To Solve Tears Of The Kingdom’s Orochium Shrine Puzzle:

The Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Orochium Shrine can be hard because it tricks you into thinking that what you’re meant to do is what you’re not supposed to do.

For example, it makes you think that hitting the red lasers as well as falling is always a bad idea, when in fact it’s the only way to solve the problem.

Shrine problems in Tears of the Kingdom often have a lot going on, which can make it hard to keep track of everything. Even though it’s not hard to get to Orochium Shrine, once you’re inside, things get tricky.

This small, oval-shaped rock all of a sudden turns into a confusing nightmare with many rooms. It’s no wonder that the giant doors, laser beams, as well as ball holes in Orochium Shrine confuse people. How do all these parts fit together?

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Orochium Shrine is a shrine in the Hebra Mountains, northwest of the Forgotten Temple. To finish the “Courage to Fall” trial, Link needs to use his Ultra-hand and Ascend skills a lot to get around the laser-filled altar.

There are also enemies in the Orochium Shrine, so be ready with your best bow and close-range weapon. But be ready: Orochium Shrine as well as the “Courage to Fall” trial are long. We’ll walk you through every phase to make solving them easy.

Where The Orochium Shrine Is:

Within the Hebra Mountains, northwest of the Forgotten Temple, you can find the Orochium Shrine. As part of the Geoglyphs quest, you’ll come across this.

The Orochium Shrine’s exact location is at -1638, 2643, 0239. It’s cold up here, so put on your Archaic Warm Greaves or drink something that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, or at least something that will protect you from the cold.

How To Fix The Orochium Shrine:

As you walk into Orochium Shrine, a big door will greet you. Ultra-hand will be able to open the doors, but the lasers are in his way. So instead, turn left and walk down that path while defeating the Construct Soldier II nearby.

Use the near-end platform to get to higher the surface, then go up the stairs. The only way to move forward is to crawl via a small hole, then drop down and then slide to the left.

There are a pair of smaller doors in front of you in this new area. The left and right halls are watched over by Construct Soldiers II. But if you kill the one on the right, you can open a box with five arrows.

Use The Ultra-hand To Open The Door And Just Jump Don’t Even Try To Avoid Lasers:

You can open the doors in the middle of the area with Ultra-hand. Don’t try to avoid the lasers just let yourself fall.

This will let you into a new room where you can find a prize. Climb the platform to get to the prize box, and you’ll get a small key. To get back up, climb through the roof before the stage with the box.

Use The Key In Order To Open That Green Colored Door:

Utilise the tiny key to open the green-colored door where the metal ball is kept. Get the baddies out of the area so they are able to move around easily. Once you’ve killed all of the Construct Soldiers II, use Ultra-hand to seize the metal ball as well as drop it on the green stairs in the back room.

Get on, and when you get to the top, get off. The metal ball ought to land in the center of the pit device, which will let you get to a glider that is moved by a fan.

Get The Glider And Put The Metal Ball On It:

Take out the glider, put the same metal ball on it, and get in. Glide up to the first floor as well as put the metal ball in the last ball pit to reach the finish of the Orochium Shrine.


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