How to save up to 95% RAM memory on your web browser

We have all already encountered this browser problem that crashes due to lack of RAM memory. It is also not uncommon for one to get lost between dozens of tabs open on the same browser. But this problem, you will be able to solve it with two extensions which allow you to save up to 95% of the RAM memory consumed on Chrome or Firefox.

chrome firefox economiser memoire ram

As we know, Chrome is particularly resource-intensive, and especially RAM memory. The browser creates sub-processes each time you open tabs, and these tabs continue to run scripts in the background. In short, to consume more and more RAM for very little.

Moreover, Google is making efforts with the various updates to Chrome that the browser consumes less and less resources. For its part, Firefox has also taken a big step forward since the Quantum version. But even if there is better, is it still enough? Opening too many tabs on pages executing scripts always ends up causing the browser’s pantagruelic appetite for the little RAM you have left.

Fortunately, since this is mostly a tab issue, it is possible to take the lead in making the computer as responsive as possible. This is where the OneTab and The Great Suspender expansions come into play.

With OneTab, your browser will consume much less RAM

The principle and operation of OneTab are very simple. The first thing you have to do is install the extension on your browser, Chrome or Firefox:

>> Download OneTab for Google Chrome <<

>> Download OneTab for Firefox <<

Once the installation is complete, you will find a small funnel-shaped icon at the top right of your browser. If you tap on it, all your tabs will fit into one, OneTab’s, as a list. The display looks a bit like your browsing history and cookies, but this time with more options.


The first difference is that everything is one click away, which is handy, but many other options exist :

  • Share this list as a web page, with a simple link or a QR Code.
  • Import new URLs or export your open list.
  • The ability to name, lock and save a group of tabs
  • Open or not the OneTab tab when launching the browser
  • Restore tabs one by one or all at the same time

The extension promises up to 95% RAM memory savings on your browser if you bother to click the button every now and then (when you’re overwhelmed actually). The company also ensures the confidentiality of your browsing, nothing is saved by the developers, nor shared with third parties, unless you choose to do it yourself via the sharing option.

Save RAM with The Great Suspender

If the OneTab extension isn’t right for you, you can always go for an equally great alternative: The Great Suspender. Rather than sucking all the pages into a funnel, you set the app to automatically sleep open tabs after a certain number of minutes to free up RAM. Check out our article on how to use The Great Suspender to save RAM.

You have understood it, to try it is to adopt it. For pros who always find themselves with too many tabs, especially at work, being able to have them all on one page comes in handy with OneTab. The Great Suspender plays the same role, with the difference that each tab remains open, but put to sleep. So it’s your turn to play!


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